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During the month of March our Spirit FM listening family is invited to help make a difference in the lives of our United States Troops serving their country in various locations around the world.

Please write a card or letter of thanks and encouragement to a US soldier. Your card can be homemade or store-bought, it doesn’t matter, just send it with love and appreciation. You can send in one card or hundred cards, get your family involved, your co-workers, your Bible study or church group, even your school, and once you have your cards and letters ready send them to Spirit FM P.O. Box 800 Camdenton, Missouri 65020. We’ll see that all of these cards and letters of appreciation and encouragement will be sent to our troops “with love” from the Spirit FM listeners!
If you want to do something a little bit extra, include a long distance phone card for the soldier as well!

Spirit FM is also working with our record companies and will be sending lots of Christian music CDs along with your cards and letters!!

So get busy and start writing and then send those best wishes for our troops to Spirit FM P.O. Box 800 Camdenton, Mo. 65020. More information is also available on our website at

It’s time for March For Our Troops and that means if you are serving in the US Military Spirit FM wants to especially bless and recognize you throughout the next few weeks!

Be listening throughout the month of March for a series of interviews with Dr. David Stoop of New Life Ministries. Dr Stoop is a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of California. He also has his Masters in Theology and is the founder and director of The Center for Family Therapy in Newport Beach, California, where he has his counseling practice. Dr. Stoop has written over 25 books, including his latest book, Ten Minutes Together with God: A Devotional for Couples.

Dr. Stoop will be sharing with us information for military families including how to maintain a loving and faithful marriage while serving your country. Recognizing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. How to forgive and move on, as well as, a variety of other topics of interest to soldiers and their families.

These interviews will also be posted on our webpage for listening to later or downloading to your MP3 player! Plus, New Life Ministries has been kind enough to send us three gifts to give away this month, including Every Soldier’s Battle Kit which includes Every Man's Battle, Every Man's Battle Workbook, Every Man's Bible, Every Day for Every Man Devotional, and Being God's Man facing Tough Times Bible Study. So if you are a member of our military, thank you, and stay tuned, this month is all about you and helping you discover the love the Lord Jesus has for you, as well as the love your Spirit FM listening family feels for you as well!



Love IS Jesus Christ

While we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. Romans 5:6

If you listened to the Love Dare yesterday you knew that there could be no other conclusion than this. Jesus has come to seek and to save you. Everything you have failed at and haven’t been able to do, every minute you wasted trying to fix things your own way…all of it can be forgiven and made right by putting your life into the hands of the One who first gave it to you.

When you receive this new life and love as your own, you are free to love in ways you’ve never been capable of before. True love is found in Christ alone.

TODAY’S DARE: Dare to take God at His Word. Dare to trust Jesus Christ for salvation. Dare to pray “Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner. But you have shown your love for me by dying to forgive my sins, and you have proven your power to save me from death by your resurrection. Lord, change my heart, and save me by your grace.

Do this even if you are only renewing your commitment to receive and express His love, and then see what He shows you.


Today is the 122nd annual World Day of Prayer, sponsored by Church Women United. Always the first Friday in March.

Today is Headache Day, marking the patenting of aspirin on this date in 1899. On the same day, the Bayer Company trademarked the name aspirin for the medicine developed by German chemist Friedrich Hoffman. Aspirin is also known as acetylsalicylic acid.

Today is Middle Name Pride Day. Tell three people your middle name today, no matter how goofy it is.

Today is National Chocolate Cheesecake Day
On this day in 1925 the first packaged frozen food appeared in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was Clarence Birdseye who invented the "deep freeze" process. In 1929 Birdseye sold out to the Postum Company for $22-million in, you should excuse the expression, cold cash.
This is National Procrastination Week. It’s a time to put things off until you have more time to forget them entirely. Which is why I didn’t tell you about it on Monday at the beginning of the week.

In The News…..

"CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta won't be the next surgeon general, the Obama administration confirmed Thursday.
"Certainly it wasn't an income tax issue, was it?
Speaking of taxes, now this public service announcement: Worried about an IRS audit? Avoid what's called a red flag. That's something the IRS always looks for. For example, say you have some money left in your bank account after paying taxes. That's a red flag.

Bush Surgery
Former first lady Barbara Bush underwent open heart surgery last night. The hospital had to find a conservative doctor to perform the procedure because liberals refuse to believe any Republicans have a heart.

Work Furloughs
More businesses are using worker furloughs to save money and weather the economic downturn. Restaurants have been closing on weekdays, car dealerships are cutting their hours, and the Kansas City Royals haven't showed up to play a game since 1993.

The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is offering a pledge of $900 million to the Palestinians in Gaza. Let’s hope they don’t spend it all on rocks this time. Apparently we ran out of banks here to bail out, so now we’re bailing out the West Bank. The U.S. government guaranteed the $900 million will go directly to the Palestinian people . . . why can’t we get that deal in this country?

Owens Released
The Dallas Cowboys have released wide receiver Terrell Owens. For the Cowboys, the move frees up $34 million in salary cap money and $980 billion in Prozac costs through 2010.

I am getting a little concerned though about my bank. Every time I go there and make a deposit the tellers high-five each other.

China Stimulus
China is considering a huge stimulus plan as its economic woes continue to grow. The Chinese have been caught off guard as the global recession has surprisingly killed demand for faulty electronics and poisonous toys.

Here we go again: President Obama’s latest nominee for U.S. trade representative, a man named Ron Kirk, owes $10,000 in unpaid back taxes. Apparently when it comes to taxes, “yes we can” is now “no we didn’t.” One of his tax deductions was $17,000 for tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game. He deducted $17,000 for basketball tickets. But to be fair, since it was the Mavericks, he should be able to write that off as a failed investment.

Bernie Madoff and his wife are saying they have $69 million that is theirs. It’s not part of the money he swindled — it’s money he saved by switching to GEICO.

The Federal Reserve chairman said today that the $700 billion bailout of banks isn’t going to be enough. Now the government is giving AIG $30 billion more. We gave them $165 billion, now we’re giving them another $30 billion. You know what AIG stands for? “And It’s Gone!”

Inspector Gadget? Maxwell Smart?
An Australian computer scientist has developed a mobile phone housed in a shoe. Paul Gardner-Stephen got the idea from 1960s TV spy spoof Get Smart in which bumbling agent Maxwell Smart used a shoe phone. He says the gadget has aroused so much interest among the geek crowd that he's considering selling it online. Could be cool for investigators..they could “pump” people for information. Of course, some investigators would probably be a “heel” about it. And then there are the ones that can’t decide whether to use it or not…just just “flip flop” back and forth.

Not Good News for Prince Charles!
A Chinese company requires job applicants to show their ears during interviews. The Wuhan-based building materials firm says it wants to make sure their appearance won't have a negative effect on customers. One applicant said she was amazed at the request. A company spokesman said: "Besides their capabilities and diplomas, we pay special attention to their faces since a good face can leave our clients with a good impression of the company."

Sick bay: PETER TORK of THE MONKEES has cancer. He announced Tuesday that he was recently diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, which is a rare form of the disease. The cancer was discovered on the lower region of Peter's tongue. He underwent extensive surgery yesterday in New York City which will be followed-up by radiation treatments. Doctors say the cancer has not spread from its original site.

Latest internet scam:
Free stimulus money.

The colorful online billboards, some with the president's picture, offer free government money. All you have to do is submit your credit card number for a small shipping and handling fee.

You can guess what happens to your credit card.

The government isn't sending out e-mails or posting websites offering free stimulus money. Period.

At a Wednesday media event at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, Will Graham gave a quick rundown of his grandfather’s health and general condition.
“He’s 90 – I think that’s about the best way to describe it,” said Will Graham, 34, who works at the Cove. “He has good days and bad days.”

He noted that the world famous evangelist still suffers from hydrocephalus, sometimes called water on the brain, and that it causes tremors and other problems.
“Please do not report that he’s got syphilis,” Graham joked.

A relatively new programmable electronic shunt, which drains fluid off Graham’s brain, has allowed doctors to treat the condition more easily. Once the fluid is removed, Graham’s condition improves markedly.

Will Graham said he was amazed at the improvement when he visited Billy Graham about two weeks ago.

“I went in there and I couldn’t believe it,” Graham said. “It looked like he got two years of his life back."

The elder Graham, who lives in Montreat, was so talkative that day he didn’t want Will to leave.

On another note, Will Graham said one of his aunts gave Billy Graham a cat for his 90th birthday on Nov. 7. A dog lover, Graham was less than enthused, but he’s taken to the feline.

Will Graham said he visited with his grandfather Sunday, and the cat kept biting Billy’s hands.

“He said, ‘That’s OK – it lets me know I’m still alive,’” Will Graham said

SACRAMENTO, March 5 (UPI) -- Some parents have objected to Mattel's "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Barbie doll, a new toy that has already sold out in several Sacramento, Calif., area stores.

The Barbie comes with a set of tattoo stickers that can be placed anywhere on her body and a tattoo gun that allows children to stamp temporary tattoos on the doll's clothes and on themselves, KVOR-TV, Sacramento, reported Thursday.

"I think it's attracting kids too young that want to expose parts of body to show off tattoos," Sacramento-area parent Jen Alcayaga said.

Some parents said they find the doll relatively harmless.

"Maybe it's a sign of the times. Each generation is different. Elvis was evil at one time," Brandon Thompson said.

Mattel said there are no plans to discontinue production of the toy.

Talk about a surprise candy center.

An Atlanta woman has a bone to pick with the candy company Mars after she took a bite into her peanut M&M and says she discovered what a local biologist says is a vertebra from a small mammal.

J. Paulette Potts, who works for an advertising and public relations firm in downtown Atlanta, told that last Friday she discovered the object encased inside a blue peanut M&M.

When her "teeth wouldn't go through it," Potts said she washed the chocolate off of the approximately inch-long object in the office sink and saw it certainly wasn't a peanut, an act confirmed with several of her colleagues.

Potts is not currently pursuing a lawsuit against Mars, the global giant that owns M&Ms, but the issue kept gnawing at her, so on Tuesday she said she took the object to Professor Larry Blumer, director of environmental studies in the biology department of Morehouse College in Atlanta, for an examination.

"It's definitely bone, and it came from some type of mammal," Blumer told "This isn't [a] tail vertebra — it's something higher up, and the reason I'm certain for that is because it's hollow. The nerve cord would run through there."

Blumer could not identify exactly what type of animal the vertebra came from but said that, because of the smoothness of the material, it had likely been dead for some time.

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