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Love always protects.

Love always protects. 1 Cronithians 13:7 (NIV)

Marriage is made up of many things, including joys, sorrows, successes, and failures. But when you think about what you want marriage to be like, the furthest things from your mind is a battleground. However, there are some battles you should be more willing to fight. These are battles that pertain to protecting your spouse.

Unfortunately your marriage has enemies out there. They come in different forms and use different strategies, but nonetheless they will conspire to destroy your relationship unless you know how to ward them off. Things like harmfulinfluences, unhealthy relationships, shame, and parasites that suck the life out of your spouse.

Wives you have a role as protector in your marriage. You must guard your heart from being led away through novels, magazines and other forms of entertainment that blur your perception of reality and put unfair expectattions on yourhusband.

Men, you are the head of your home. You are the one responsible before God for guarding the gate and standing your ground against anything that would threaten your wife or marriage.

TODAY’S DARE: Remove anything thatis hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that’s stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.

ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: What did you throw out first? Are there others that need to go as well? What do you hope the removal of these things will do for you, your marriage, and your relationship with God?


Today is Dream Day, a time to focus attention on dreams for a better world

Today is National Oatmeal-Nut Waffles Day.

Today is Apple Appreciation Day, honoring the memory of Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman, who died on this date in 1847. He planted apple trees everywhere he went and was regarded by native Americans a great medicine man. Most famous people are honored on the date of their birth, but in Johnny Appleseed's case it seemed more appropriate on the day he was planted.

Today is National Debunking Day, a day to debunk rumors and myths.
Today is Enjoy Your Tools Day. * What is YOUR favorite tool to use around the house?

1951: The comic strip "Dennis the Menace" first appeared in U.S. newspapers. His favorite drink was root beer. For years, he always carried a slingshot in his back pocket.

One of America's great meat packers, Oscar Mayer, died at the age of 96 on this day in 1955. But, of course, his baloney lives on.
Thank goodness Oscar was not a politician.

In The News…..

Obama Education
President Obama wants public schools to go beyond math and reading proficiency and include classes on "creativity" and "imagination." Kids who grow up with more creative imaginations and less math and reading ability have great career opportunities in the White House budget office.

NFL Immune
A new report shows that the National Football League is exempt from being sued if terrorists attack a site the league is protecting. And the terrorists have a right to sue if they somehow get stuck in the upper deck with at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

Over the weekend in D.C., first lady Michelle Obama was at a homeless shelter serving food to the homeless. Isn’t that nice? Reaching out to the middle class . . .

Former president George W. Bush says he will start a speaking tour. I don’t know why I find this funny…but I do.

An art exhibition in Holland gives people the chance to telephone God - but they have to leave a message. Dubbed God's Hotline, it aims to focus attention the ways Dutch people perceive religion. Artist Johan van der Dong chose a mobile phone number to show that God was available anywhere and anytime. Forming part of an art exhibit in the town of Groningen, the voicemail message says: "This is the voice of God, I am not able to speak to you at the moment, but please leave a message." The phone number already has 1,000 messages left for God.

Today's Octo-Mom update: NADYA SULEMAN now has a set of nurses to help her with the task of caring for eight little ones — not to mention her six other kids. MSNBC reports that Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit group which specializes in premature infant developmental care, will have 14 nurses a day, four to five at a time, working around the clock for the Octo-Mom. Other developments: People magazine says the Suleman family is buying a house in Orange County, CA, which is "nearly twice as big" as the one they currently have in lovely Whittier, CA. For the record, a Prudential Realty rep blabs that it’s almost 26-hundred square feet, with four bedrooms, three baths and a steal at $564,900.• In other news, Nadya talked to "The Insider" tabloid TV show and told them some of her children are angry over the impending arrival of the octuplets.


The latest, $787 billion economic stimulus package President Obama signed last month includes about $287 billion in tax cuts, if you believe the calculations Congress came up with. (It’s always hard to know exactly how the numbers will shake out).
But instead of mailing out a check for up to $600 per person and $1,200 for couples, as the Bush administration did, Congress and the White House decided to take a different approach. One big reason is that the evidence suggests that a lot of people didn’t spend the money but stashed it in savings or used it to pay off credit cards. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the fastest way to get the money flowing through the economy.

Instead, the new tax cuts are going to a variety of different people in various circumstances, or to those who buy or invest in certain things the government wants them to. That means some people will get checks mailed to them; others may see a bigger tax refund check, still others will get a break on their taxes.


NEW YORK — "I just don't know if that was the right song for you."
That's the recurring riff American Idol contestants have been hearing more this season than ever before.

Because for every Jennifer Hudson belting out "Circle of Life" or David Archuleta crooning "Imagine," there's a Casey Carlson, who this season chirped "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" to a grim death.

Maybe that's why Simon Cowell has promised a "Simon Picks The Songs Week."
But until then, the final 13 Idol contestants should check out the list of 10 classics no Idol singer should attempt.

1. HELP The Beatles
2. With or Without You U-2
3. Piano Man Billy Joel
4. Respect Aretha Franklin
5. An I’m Telling You Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls)
6. Rock N Roll All Night KISS
7. Let’s Get It On Marvin Gaye
8. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion
9. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough Michael Jackson
10. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen


BELOIT, Wis. - Police years ago pulled over a young woman who rushed through an amber traffic light. "I'm about to arrest this person right now," the irritated officer radioed to a dispatcher. "She's telling me her name is Marijuana Pepsi Jackson."

It's the truth. Marijuana and Pepsi are her legal first and middle names, and the Beloit woman embraces them as a symbol of her struggle to succeed and to help other children overcome obstacles.

No Mary or Mary Jane or Mary Wanda for her. It's Marijuana, thank you, she's told bosses, co-workers and friends over the years, and even wore it on nametags at work.
This tall, striking, self-assured, motorcycle-riding woman is a schoolteacher with a master's degree in higher education administration. Soon, she'll start work on her doctorate.

All of her achievement came despite that smoky, carbonated name. And partly because of it. No one named Marijuana Pepsi gets lost in the crowd.

"Everybody I meet says this: You're nothing like I thought you'd be," she told me when we sat down for an interview in Beloit last week.

These days she goes by Marijuana Sawyer, the surname of her ex-husband from Georgia, where she spent 10 years before returning to Beloit in 2008 to fulfill a promise to make a difference in her hometown. She has a 6-year-old son named, mercifully, Isaac.

Sawyer's mother, Maggie Johnson, picked her name. Her father objected but lost the argument. To this day, a lot of family members and best buds call her Pepsi.

Sawyer was the most improved student at graduation in 1990, and she received a $12,000 scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she studied to be a teacher. She was invited to a White House conference in 1995 and met President Bill Clinton, who swears he never inhaled.

In 1998, she got a job teaching elementary school children in Atlanta. She also sold real estate there. It was the one time in her life that she went by MP Sawyer professionally because the name Marijuana was freaking out the customers and causing her for-sale signs to be stolen as souvenirs.

Over two semesters and a summer, she earned her master's degree from Georgia Southern University and moved back to Beloit with her son in May. She plans to fund a scholarship bearing her unique name.

At the moment she is a substitute teacher at a variety of city schools ("I heard of you!" the students will say), but she's looking for a job in academic advising and admissions at a college or university, preferably near Beloit. She has no doubt that her difficult childhood and the way she tenaciously rose above her name have helped her to reach kids with problems.

She's exactly what any kid in America needs to know about someone who can truly make it if they put their mind to it." In case you're wondering, she said she never once smoked the stuff and prefers orange soda.


KSDK -- The pastor of a Maryville church who was gunned down Sunday will be laid to rest this Friday.

Senior Pastor Fred Winters, 45, was shot and killed while delivering a sermon at the 8:15 a.m. Sunday service at First Baptist Church of Maryville. The alleged gunman, 27-year-old Terry Sedlacek, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery.

Maryville is located about 20 miles northeast of St. Louis.

Winters' family said visitation services will take place Thursday, March 12, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the church where the pastor once presided. The funeral is scheduled for the following day at 10:30 a.m. at the same location. Burial services will be private.
A trust fund has a
lso been established for Winters' family. Donations can be made at the church or by dropping them off at Scott Credit Union in Collinsville.


Comedian Jay Leno unveiled his own stimulus package for the jobless in Detroit, Michigan.

"The Tonight Show" host will put on a free comedy show -- "Jay's Comedy Stimulus Plan" -- next month at the Palace of Auburn Hills, which holds about 24,000 people.
Free tickets will be given out beginning at Monday at 10 a.m. for the April 7 show, according to Leno's Web site.

Leno, host of NBC's "Tonight Show" for more than 15 years, has a new job himself. He will move from late night to a 10 p.m. show.



Things like maintaining your health insurance; how to cope with the stress of losing your job, your rights and unemployment help. It is all at this website!


Google has created TipJar, a new website where people can share money-saving advice and vote on how useful they find the information.

TipJar is a collection of money-saving tips submitted and ranked by the web community. Advice is divided in to several categories, including at home, at work, travel, shopping and family.

So far, more than 2,060 people have contributed more than 1,520 tips to the TipJar since the site launched on Thursday. Users have cast more than 21,750 votes about the usefulness of tips. The voting system means that the most useful tips will get greater prominence on the site.

Among some of the tips shared so far are: “Buy a water filter and take your own water to the gym/sports etc. Bottled water is expensive, unnecessary and bad for the environment,” posted by Dough Roller; “Master the thirty day rule. Whenever you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait thirty days and then ask yourself if you still want that item,” shared by The Simple Dollar; and “Drink a lot of water all day long, your body will thank you,” posted by CG in El Paso, Texas.

TipJar is an example of generating ideas through “crowdsourcing”, said Google.
“Google believes that people working together can help one another through even the most difficult times, tapping collective minds to find answers on how to make small changes that save the pennies,” said a spokesman. “We’d like to put these beliefs in to practice. So go ahead: Take a tip. Share a tip. We’ll all be a little bit richer for it.”


They look like normal baseball cards -- until pitcher Tim Lincecum or slugger Ryan Howard start strutting across your computer desk.Beam me up Scotty... Topps' new baseball cards offer much more than a stick of chewing gum and stats.

When Topps' 3D Live cards are held in front of a webcam, an avatar of the player pops up and begins pitching, hitting or fielding.

"This is the ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ version of a baseball card that will get kids to buy more, " Steve Grimes, chief digital officer at Topps, told the New York Times. "We see this baseball season as a redefining moment for us,"

The "augemented reality" baseball cards place an image of the player on the computer screen. The on-screen player can be moved around to make the player on the card perform motions.

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