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Love’s motivation.

Render service with a good attitude, as to the Lord and not to men. Ephesians 6:7
It doesn’t take much experience to dsicover that your mate will not always motivate your love. In fact, many times they will de-motivate it! More often than you’d like, it will seem difficult to find the inspiration to demonstrate your love. They may not even receive it when you try to express it. That’s simply the nature of life, even in fairly healthy marriages.

But although modds and emotions can create all kinds of moving motivational targets, one is certain to stay in the same place, all the time. When God is your reason for lioving, your ability to love is guaranteed. The love that’s demanded fromyour marriage is not dependent on your mate’s sweetness or suitability. The love between a husband and a wife should have one chief objective: honoring the Lord with devotion and sincereity. The fact that it blesses our beloved in the process is sikply a wonderful, additional benefit.

TODAY’S DARE: Before you see your spouse again today, pray for them by name and for their needs. Whether it comes easy for you or not, say “I love you”, then express love to them in some tangible way. Go to God in prayer again, thanking Him for giving you the privilege of loving this one special person-unconditionally, the way He loves both of you.


Today is Swallows Day at San Juan Capistrano, California. Traditionally, the swallows return each year on St. Joseph's Day.

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a day to honor the nation's youth, Write a letter of love and encouragement to the absolutely incredible kid in your life.

Today is Companies That Care Day
The Center for Companies That Care is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of employees and communities by educating and inspiring employers to practice employer engagement* and to integrate the 10 Characteristics of Companies That Care into their daily business practices. *
Employer engagement exists when the values and practices of the employer support the needs of society as well as the profitability of the business
By encouraging and assisting business in practicing the 10 Characteristics that enable individuals and communities to thrive, we strengthen our communities and our society, resulting in a sustainable future for the generations to come.
 All employers are Companies That Care
 Businesses value and respect their employees
 Businesses create a work environment that enables individuals to thrive
 Businesses and communities develop partnerships to strengthen future generations of employees
 People and communities are sustained and prosper

Today is Let's Laugh Day.

On this day in 1959 Tibet's Dalai Lama fled to India. The Indians welcomed him with a rousing chorus of "Hello, Dalai." Honestly, sometimes I embarrass even myself.

The first bank robbery in U.S. history occurred on this day in 1831 when City Bank of New York was robbed of $245,000. The biggest bank robbery in U.S. history occurred last year when some banks raised credit card interest rates to 28%.

1985: After ten years, the TV comedy series Alice ended when Mel Sharples sold his diner. Linda Lavin played Alice, Philip McKeon was her son Tommy. Vic Tayback was Mel, Polly Holliday was Florence Jean Castleberry, and Beth Holand played Vera.

On the final episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," the entire WJM-TV news staff was fired on this day in 1977, except for dippy anchorman Ted Baxter. Hey, c'est la vie! The goofazoids always survive.
Just look at Congress.

2003: U.S. forces bombarded Baghdad with cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs, starting the Iraq War.

In The News…..

Pelosi Caught on Tape
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in hot water after new video captures her having a friendly talk with illegal immigrants. Pelosi insists she doesn't favor amnesty, and that she was just trying to score some Mexican botox.

In a speech yesterday, President Barack Obama lashed out about the excessive AIG bonuses. He was so upset he changed his slogan from “Yes We Can” to “Oh No You Don’t.”

AIG Clawback?
The government is working on taking away those taxpayer-funded bonuses paid out to failed AIG executives. Congress is promising to get most of the money back by forcing those executives to give them bigger campaign donations.

You what AIG stands for? Adventures in greed.
Actually AIG executives have asked those paid bonuses to “do the right thing” and give half of it back.

Isn't it funny how the word 'politics' is made up of the words 'poli' meaning 'many' in Latin, and 'tics' as in 'bloodsucking creatures’

The economy is so bad, everybody is cutting back. At the supermarket -- the lady who hands out free sausage samples on the little sticks -- she cut me off after my ninth sample.

The producer of "Survivor" predicts reality shows will get "edgier and nastier". One network is already planning "So You Think You're a Bigger Weasel Than That Guy On The Bachelor".

Octo-Mom update: NADYA SULEMAN has taken the first two of her eight children home from the hospital. People magazine reports the two healthiest and heaviest infants — NOAH, weighing 5 lbs., 13 oz, and ISAIAH, weighing 5 lbs. — were released yesterday from the Kaiser Permanante Medical Center.

Auto World /Gas Guzzlin' Update:
Today's Bad Timing Award goes to the beleaguered hybrid car.
The LA Times points out that demand for hybrids has plunged just as automakers are releasing more of the fuel-efficient cars than ever before.

It's hardly a secret that the whole auto industry is doing badly, but hybrids are particularly difficult to get off the sales floor because consumers are reluctant to pay a premium for fuel-efficiency when the average price of gasoline has dropped below $2 a gallon.

Automakers, however, feel as though they have no choice but to keep producing these types of vehicles because of pressure from Washington. In other words, as one analyst put it, they need to pacify politicians with expensive fuel-efficient cars because the politicians have the power to bail them out. Or not.

Ways To Boost Your Metabolism
Working out with weights will raise your metabolism
Practicing portion control helps to keep you from overloading on unusable energy
Study: Metabolic rates of people watching funny videos rose by 10 to 40 calories

Metabolism" is the name of the bodily system that converts food calories to energy needed to perform various tasks, like pumping oxygen to muscles during a long walk. Many variables contribute to your metabolism, including heredity, gender and age. But you can quicken yours; here's how.

Exercise more. When you walk, run, or lift weights, you increase the energy required of your body, which raises your metabolism then, and for hours afterward.

"It's not a huge spike, but it makes a difference," says Gary Miller, PhD, associate professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Work out with weights. During weight training, muscle tissue is stressed; afterward, it's repaired -- which raises metabolism.

A woman who strength trains three times a week for six months can build enough muscle to burn 10 to 32 extra calories a day, according to Robert Wolfe, PhD, professor of geriatrics at the University of Arkansas.

Practice portion control. This helps ensure you don't overload your metabolism with a surplus of unusable energy (that is, food).

Use a food scale or measuring cups to identify proper portions. Or use your hand as a guide. A fist equals a serving of fruit, a cupped hand equals a serving of cereal or grains, two cupped handfuls equal a serving of leafy green vegetables and an open palm equals a serving of meat. Exceptional recipes

Eat smaller meals more often. Some experts recommend eating smaller meals throughout the day, known as grazing. "Grazing helps normalize blood sugar levels rather than producing three large spikes, which is what happens eating three meals a day," says Nick Flynn, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas.

Determine the amount of calories you need at Then keep that number in mind as you transition from eating three ordinary-sized meals to five smaller ones. We compare similar foods so you can decide which to eat

Laugh it off. When researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, put people into a "metabolic chamber" (a small room that measures heat output in order to calculate a person's metabolic rate) and showed them funny videos, the subjects' metabolic rates rose by 10 to 40 calories. It's a small increase, but every calorie counts for those seeking weight loss, says lead researcher Maciej Buchowksi, PhD

More babies were born in the United States in 2007 than any year in the nation's history, topping the peak during the baby boom 50 years earlier, federal researchers reported Wednesday.

There is both good and bad news from the more than 4.3 million births:

-The U.S. population is more than replacing itself, a healthy trend.
-However, the teen birth rate was up for the second year in a row.
The birth rate rose slightly for women of all ages, and births to unwed mothers reached an all-time high of about 40 percent, continuing a trend begun years ago. More than three-quarters of these women were 20 or older.

For a variety of reasons, it's become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband, said Duke University's S. Philip Morgan, a leading fertility researcher.

Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, experts say. Some cited a growing trend among all adult women to have children regardless of their marital status.

The new numbers suggest the second year of a baby boomlet, with U.S. fertility rates higher in every racial group, the highest among Hispanic women. On average, a U.S. woman has 2.1 babies in her lifetime. That's the "magic number" required for a population to replace itself.

State Farm Recalling Good Neigh Bears..Apparently they are a choking hazard
State Farm® Recalls Good Neigh Bears® Due to Choking Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of product: State Farm Good Neigh Bears
Units: About 800,000 in the United States and 27,000 in Canada
Distributor: State Farm, of Bloomington, Ill.
Hazard: The eyes on these bears can come off, posing a choking hazard to young children.
Incidents/Injuries: State Farm received one report of the plastic eye of a bear coming off and a child placing it in her mouth. No injuries have been reported.
Description: This recall involves the 11-inch (28 cm) and 18-inch (46 cm) State Farm Good Neigh Bears with plastic eyes. The bears are brown and wear a white and red State Farm shirt.
Sold at: The bears were given away free through State Farm agents and at State Farm sponsored events from September 2005 through March 2007.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately take these bears away from young children and discard them.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact State Farm toll-free at (877) 226-8079 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CT or visit the company’s website at or

Is It Possible That American Idol Is Fixed? Could Be!
Is it possible the great FOX show American Idol could be fixed? According to reports the final four have already been chosen despite there being 13 idols left. One of the show's staffer's reportedly has gone around telling anyone she can of who is to be entering despite the singing of the final 13 to begin.

According to NY Daily News, "One of the hit show's staffers is running around telling anyone who'll listen that the team of producers and judges has already picked the final four contestants — despite the fact that 11 kids are still battling to be the latest pop star."

So who are the final four you ask? The female American Idol staffer is proclaiming it will be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert, and Alexis Grace according to NY Daily News. The female staffer said that those contestants WILL be the people in the final four. FOX has yet to comment and people are pretty upset right now. Although they have not yet named the woman who said this and her position, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Elementary Student A Finalist in Ketchup Contest
Restaurants across the country could soon see ketchup packets designed by a 2nd Grader from our area.

Pittsville Elementary School Student Colleen Lassa is a Finalist in the Heinz Ketchup Creativity Contest.

Her Art Teacher, Kris Doering says no one from Wisconsin has ever won.
"The Heinz Corporation called the school and informed us that Colleen was the only Finalist from our school."

Using only 6 colors, and templates from the company's website... 1st through 12th grade students across the country had an opportunity to design a ketchup packet.
Doering says the school submitted 300 entries for the contest.

Heinz narrowed the 45,000 entries from across the US down to just 3 finalists from each grade level.

"This is really exciting for Pittsville, the exact center of the state and for the state of Wisconsin cause Heinz says nobody from WI has won before this is very exciting."

Unfortunately, the school doesn't have a copy of Colleen's drawing, but the public will get an opportunity to see it and vote for their favorites when the online voting begins March 20th.

Colleen says her design was inspired by the swing set at her house.
"I did like a sun and the sky and then I had some grass and a swing set with the ketchup bottle on it."

Each winner will receive $1,000, their school will receive $1,000 toward art supplies,$1,000 worth of Heinz ketchup packets for their school cafeteria, and a poster of their winning design.

To vote for Colleen look for her name among the other second grade finalists.
You can cast your vote from March 20th through the 25th.

Teens Take Picture of Outer-Space with a Camera Tied to a Balloon
Proving that you don't need Google's billions or the BBC weather centre's resources, the four Spanish students managed to send a camera-operated weather balloon into the stratosphere.

Taking atmospheric readings and photographs 20 miles above the ground, the Meteotek team of IES La Bisbal school in Catalonia completed their incredible experiment at the end of February this year.

Building the electronic sensor components from scratch, Gerard Marull Paretas, Sergi Saballs Vila, Marta Gasull Morcillo and Jaume Puigmiquel Casamort managed to send their heavy duty £43 latex balloon to the edge of space and take readings of its ascent.

Created by the four students under the guidance of teacher Jordi Fanals Oriol, the budding scientists, all aged 18-19, followed the progress of their balloon using high tech sensors communicating with Google Earth.

Team leader Gerard Marull, 18, said: "We were overwhelmed at our results, especially the photographs, to send our handmade craft to the edge of space is incredible."
Completing their landmark experiment on February, the Meteotek team had to account for a wide variety of variables and rely on a lot of luck.

"The balloon we chose was inflated with helium to just over two metres and weighed just 1500 grams," said Gerard. "It was able to carry the sensor equipment and digital Nikon camera which weighed 1.5kg.

"However, when we launched at 9.10am on that morning the critical point for the experiment was to see if the balloon would make it past 10,000m, or 30,000ft, which is the altitude that commercial airliners fly at."

Due to the changing atmospheric pressures, the helium weather balloon carrying the meteorological equipment was expected to inflate to a maximum of nine and a half metres as it travelled upwards at 270 metres-per-minute.

"We took readings as the balloon rose and mapped its progress using Google Earth and the onboard radio receiver," said Gerard.

"At over 100,000ft the balloon lost its inflation and the equipment was returned to the earth.

"We travelled 10km to find the sensors and photographic card, which was still emitting its signal, even though it had been exposed to the most extreme conditions."

The pupils' incredible school science project has already caught the attention of the University of Wyoming in the US.

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