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Today is National Wig Out day, a day to celebrate wigs bobs, and mullets.

Today is Bifocals Day

Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day.

Today is National Make a Memory Day. Do something silly with a child.

Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day - In the 6th grade my mom made me play the clarinet. It last one week. I used it mainly as a sword, gun and baseball bat. What’s your musical instrument story?

The Wright brothers patented the airplane on this day in 1906. Oddly enough, Orville and Wilbur did not agree on the main purpose of their invention. Orville thought the airplane was a great way to travel a long distance in a short time, but Wilbur saw it as a super way to sell millions of little bags of peanuts.

On this day in 1841 H.P. Kennedy of Philadelphia patented the tilt-back reclining chair. With a recliner you just lean back, relax, and do nothing. It's like having your own seat in Congress.

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Rita of Cascia. Rita is the patron saint of desperate cases and impossible situations. And I have a feeling she's got a full-time job just watching over this program.

On this day in 1892 a dentist named Dr. Sheffield invented the toothpaste tube. Let's all take off our caps to him.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood came together in 1967


–Fred Rogers was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1963.
–When Mister Rogers came on TV singing “Won’t you be my neighbor”, many children who actually lived on his street used to yell at their televisions, “But you ARE our neighbor!”
–In May 2003 asteroid number 26858 was named ‘Misterrogers’ after him.
–The Pittsburgh Penguins, an NHL hockey team, made Fred Rogers an honorary captain in 1993.
–When he’s mad, Fred sometimes plays the piano and gets his feelings out through his fingers.
–Fred wrote all the songs on the show as well as the special operas.
–Fred has about 25 sweaters which he has worn over the years of the program.
–When Fred was young, he loved to ride the trolleys in Pittsburgh; that’s why there is a trolley on his program.
–Fred spoke French as well as English.
–His cardigan sweaters were mostly made by his mother.
–Fred was 6′ (1.83 m)
–He studied theology at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.
–Fred Rogers was color blind (explains some of those sweaters)


INDY 500 This Weekend

It’s such a dangerous race, to qualify you have to have two years experience in a preschool car pool. I say make the Indy 500 more interesting. How 'bout, every three laps, have a school crossing guard walk onto the track?

The Indy 500 is exciting: engines roaring ... tires screeching ... it's like 4:00 p.m. in a high school parking lot

Most guys will never know what it’s like to drive 200 miles an hour—unless the contractions are two seconds apart.

The Indy 500 is a welcome event. It's nice to see somebody besides us going around in circles.

The Indy 500 signals the beginning of summer and the end of a lot of good transmissions.

For the women who don't understand the Indy 500, let me explain it. You win the race by being the first one to drive 500 miles in a circle. It's sort of a speeded-up version of chauffeuring your kids around all day.


President Obama has found a way to quickly close Guantanamo Bay. He's going to turn it into a Pontiac dealership.

Vice President Biden is on a trip to Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo. The White House is calling it "Operation Keep Biden Away From a Microphone." He goes to Antarctica next.

It's a good news, bad news story for Procter and Gamble, makers of those fine artificial potato chip called Pringles.

The Daily Telegraph reports that an appeals court in Britain ruled yesterday that Pringles are technically, potato chips. They're really a combination of potatoes, fat and flour — 42 percent of it being potato. The court ruled that Pringles contained enough "potatoness," to be considered a potato chip.

The bad news: Food isn't usually taxed in the UK but potato chips happen to be an exception. The court ruling yesterday means Procter and Gamble will have to pay $155 million in back taxes and $31 million per year thereafter.

Something tells me the court's decision was based less on "potatoness" and more "taxiness” asked a never ending question. Boys vs. Girls: Who’s Harder to Raise? Ask that question on a slow day and see what happens. A mom said this, “Never was the difference between the handling of boys vs. girls more humorously apparent than during a park visit a while back. I held Laurel’s hand as she crossed a suspended balance beam repeating, “Go slowly Laurel, be careful!” (The suspension cables looked particularly unforgiving.) Minutes later, as we crossed the next obstacle, we saw a father jumping up and down alongside his son (who was of a similar toddler/preschooler size) at the balance beam, saying “Go! Go! Go! Run across as fast as you can!”

Interesting Headline -‘Idol’ Upset: Did The Evangelical Christian Vote Push Kris Allen Over The Edge? So was it the Christian vote that prevailed in Allen’s favor?
The 23-year-old UCA student has been on the worship team at New Life Church for years and helps with their outreach programs, but unlike previous winners such as Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood who made their faith very well known, Allen consciously refrained from making mention of his virtuous values throughout the competition. “This is a singing competition, not a church thing,” Allen told Tarts earlier this week while Lambert added that the “vote is based on talent and performing, not religion.”

With Allen having shied away from the sectarian spotlight, his local church made up for it. The New Life Church in Greater Little Rock, Arkansas urged churchgoers to prayer and vote for the ‘Idol’ finalist, created a Facebook link on the church Web site in support of their hometown hero and his proud Pastor, Rick Bezet, flew to Los Angeles for the momentous finale. According to an ‘Idol’ insider, support for Kris most likely surged over the last week when Danny Gokey (who was extremely open about his involvement with the church) was voted off and thus Christians turned their full devotion to Allen who epitomizes the all-American, talented and moralistic role model.

“America had a grass roots campaign for a ‘good ole boy!’ There was just too much hype with Lambert. Everyone likes a person who just does the work,” said Michael Sands, leading Hollywood Media Image Consultant.

Snails on Face – It’s all over the news so here ya’ go. Eleven-year-old Fin Keheler, from Sandy, Utah, allowed 43 of the slimy mollusks to be put on his face Saturday. He wants the Guinness World Records to verify his effort. The Guinness web site says the record set in 2007 for snails on the face for 10 seconds is eight.

The boy says he has since learned the record was 36. Fin made three attempts on Saturday. Sitting back in a reclining chair, snails gathered from neighbors’ gardens were carefully placed on his face. Those that remained for at least 10 seconds were counted. His family is sending witness statements, video and media coverage to Guinness this week. Put together your own show’s book of records featuring your listeners. Things like your tallest and shortest listener, oldest, youngest, highest octave, longest hair, and the list of course could go on and on; makes for fun, local radio. Another fun thing to talk about is that record you held in elementary or high school. Face it, we love to talk about our “15 minutes.”

A British woman lost 55 pounds after she was hypnotized to believe that she had weight-loss surgery. Marion Cornes, 35, said she believed surgeons had placed a gastric band on her stomach shrinking it to the size of a golf ball after paying $1,580 for five sessions with a hypnotherapist. Cornes decided to have the procedure after her weight ballooned to 216 pounds. She was hypnotized and talked through every step of the surgery as if she was in an operating room. She was asked to handle a model of a stomach and gastric band, while the smells and sounds of an operating room were introduced into her room. “Bizarrely, I can remember every part of the “procedure” — including being wheeled into (the OR), the clink of the surgeon’s knife and even the smell of the anesthetic,” Cornes said.

She said she now feels full if she tries to eat anything other than a small portion of food. Too weird for me; I don’t need someone running around in my subconscious mind UNLESS the same procedure can cause one to believe he is a millionaire.

A new chocolate claiming to reduce acne will soon hit the shelves of Australia.

Manufacturers of Acne Care say pimple-plagued sufferers will experience dramatic results within just two weeks of eating the chocolate — if they eat between two and five chocolates per day. Developed by U.S.-based Frutels, the chocolate-coated treatment is believed to be the first of its kind. Packed with antioxidants and micro-nutrients, the chocolate is supposed to clarify the skin from within.

The company says it costs about $40 for a month’s supply. Could they put it in a Deep Fried Clams form or maybe Onion Rings? How did you take care of acne when you were a teen?

Here a few homemade remedies:

>Apply some cooked oatmeal to the face for 15 minutes and wash off. Oatmeal is an astringent, which can help draw impurities out of the skin. It usually takes a week or two for results to be seen.

>A quick remedy: Apply either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to a clean skin, using a cotton ball.This will help flush out the pores and normalize the skin’s pH.

>Reduce milk consumption, as it may aggravate acne.

• Avoid chocolate, tea and coffee.
• Reduce the consumption of junk food, limit your total
fat intake to no more than 20% of calories for acne free skin.

Flu Free Guarantee - Desperate to woo back travelers who cancelled trips in the wake of Mexico’s swine flu outbreak, more than 20 coastal resort hotels have launched a “flu-free guarantee”: Guests who catch the H1N1 virus in Mexico — and have the blood test to prove it — can get their next three vacations for free. The initiative comes as the country’s tourism industry tallies staggering losses from a flu epidemic that Mexican officials first confirmed on April 23. The new flu guarantee is offered at Real Resorts, AMResorts, and Karisma’s El Dorado and Azul hotels, most in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. At least 25 Cancun hotels have closed because of low occupancy, and many are slashing rates.

Strange and humorous - One pooch activist has a dream: That one day, all dogs will be treated equal.

Genevieve Highpoint La Reine is a seven-pound papillon who’s penned Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs Of A Furry Genius (Simon & Schuster), with the help of her translator, Dr. Dennis Fried.

According to Fried, he and Genevieve can communicate and she “barktated” her memoirs to him to let the world know her opinion of “stupid, pitiful humans.”

Genevieve’s biggest pet peeve is how much humans discriminate against dogs, who, frankly, do a lot for mankind.

She finds it demeaning that pooches are banned from certain places and that humans make dogs do tricks and play fetch.

To protect and advance canine rights, Genevieve has formed an activist group called “Dogs against Discrimination and Unfairness,” or DUDU.

Her first order of business is to eliminate degrading sports team nicknames like “Huskies,” and get humans to stop using the word “dog” in negative phrases like “you’re in the doghouse” or “she’s a real dog.”

Changes American Idol Should Make (MSNBC):

1. Never bring back a former Idol
When you parade the ghosts of Idols past before us, all it does is serve as a reminder for how unsuccessful Idols on the whole have been. For every Kelly Clarkson there are multiple versions of Taylor Hicks. This show is about looking forward, not back. When you give us past winners, you take away the illusion of success.

2. Rotate the judges
Once we get to the final 25, if it’s really America who decides the contestants’ fates, then why do all four judges need to be at the table? There is so little about this show that is unexpected — let’s make who shows up from one week to the next a surprise. And with three judges, that gives Paula Abdul (if she shows when she should) the chance to yammer on a little more.

3. Please dispense with the final song!
The only thing phenomenal about the final song of the competition — whether written by Kara DioGuardi or a competition winner — is how phenomenally bad it is. It’s tough enough to get excited watching the finale, aka “90 seconds of excitement packed into two hours that you’ll never be able to get back.” Why make it harder by forcing the finalists to choke out a tune that wouldn’t get them past the first round of auditions? And worse yet, record it as their first single, then stand by, watching no one buy it. If there is one thing all the judges agree on, it’s that song choice is everything. So I beg of you. Let. The. Singers. Choose.

Dull days affect marriage faster than fighting - Experts say that shared challenges and exciting diversions are what make relationships hot long after the wedding gown has been packed up and stored away. And the opposite, boredom and a dull, daily routine, can kill a marriage, squashing intimacy and romance. In fact, couples who say they are bored tend to grow increasingly unhappy, according to a study published this month in Psychological Science. Most research on long-term relationships has focused on eliminating problems such as conflict and tension, explains the new study’s lead author, Irene Tsapelas, a researcher in the psychology department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. But surveys have suggested that boredom may be even more corrosive to a relationship, she adds. Simple suggestion: go out and do novel, exciting things with each other. I try to keep boredom out of my marriage a lot, that’s why I bought an X-Box, a membership to a shooting range, and cable’s latest sports package. So really, what do you do? Take a class together, horse back riding, camping, dancing lessons, etc.

Don’t Let Kids Go Near E-Bay or TradeMe! - Three-year-old Pipi Quinlan bought a $15,600 bulldozer on auction website TradeMe, prompting immediate damage control by her mum when her purchase was revealed.

Parents Sarah and Reid Quinlan, of Stanmore Bay north of Auckland, were astonished to wake one morning to find Pipi had bought the huge excavating digger in a TradeMe auction.

The technically savvy kid had woken early and, with the rest of her family sound asleep, decided to play with the computer.

With a few clicks of the mouse she entered Internet Explorer and the Trade Me site her mother had already logged on to.

After a few more timely clicks, she had won the most recent auction listed on the site’s homepage.

It was for a Kobelco digger, a bulldozer, and she had it for nearly $16,000! -
“The first I knew about it was when I came down and opened up the computer,” says mum Sarah.

“I saw an email from TradeMe saying I had won an auction and another email from the seller saying something like ‘I think you’ll love this digger’.”

“Well, I had a few Duplo Lego play kits on my watch-list, so just assumed I’d won a digger toy-set,” she says.

“It wasn’t until I went back and re-read the emails that I saw $NZ20,000, and got the shock of my life,” says Sarah.

“I called my husband Reid over to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

“I asked him what a Kobelco was and he said ‘I think it’s an earthmoving digger’.”

“I jokingly said to Sarah, well you’ll have to move the Honda off the driveway to make way for the Kobelco,” says Reid. Sarah immediately called TradeMe and the seller to report what had happened. TradeMe has reimbursed the seller’s costs for listing the digger and the auction. While the seller wasn’t impressed with Pipi’s antics, he relisted the digger again for another auction. The Quinlans say most people see the funny side, with family and friends already joking about the incident.

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