Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a society. We have barometers, radar, Doppler, Interactive, and satellites. Then we wait for some ugly ground rat to come out of a hole and tell us when spring is coming.

Legend says, if the groundhog comes out today and sees his shadow, it means six more weeks of winter. The most famous U.S. groundhog is Punxutawney Phil of Pennsylvania (800-752-7445,

For me if the groundhog does see his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter..that means six more weeks of being on the Dexatrim Plan for me!.

Did you ever see a groundhog? Looks like a beaver in need of a good cream rinse.

Joyfully give your all!!!!

Most of us are familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan. A traveler was robbed, beaten , and left to die. A priest and a Temple assistant came by, saw the man, and passed as a distance. Finally, a Samritan, a man of a race despised by Jews, cared for the man, helped him to an inn, and paid his bill. After telling this story, Jesus said, “Now go and do the same”.

It is hard for us to find time and energy to care for ourselves or others. Like the men that passed on by, we often prioritize our actions according to how we expect to profict or benefit from them. The “what’s in it for me” frame of mind.

Jesus’ standard of giving is illustrated by the Good Samaritan, who may have spent his grocery money and used up his vacation days to care for this injured man without expecting anything in return. God calls us to defy logic by following God’s lead and trusting him to care for our needs as we give of our lives for others. So today..joyfully give your all!

Then a despised Samaritan came along, and when he saw the man, he felt compassoin for him. Luke 10:33


Today is National Wear Red Day, kicking off the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" cardiovascular disease campaign.

1886: Punxutawney, Pennsylvania, observed its first Groundhog Day. The annual trek to Gobbler's Knob started in 1887.

Today is Groundhog Day, always on Farrah Fawcett’s birthday. Farrah Fawcett turns 62 today. On TV back in the '70s she was the Charlie's Angel with the bionic hair.

1993: First lady Hillary Clinton banned smoking in the White House.



Highlights included the National Anthem performed by the American Idol singer Jennifer Hudson, a half-time concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, a giant animated parrot and a 103ft, 43-tonne pirate ship that will shoot confetti and foam footballs whenever a team scores.

Interest in the Super Bowl has been heightened further by one of the greatest comeback stories in US sporting history: that of Kurt Warner, 37. The quarterback was fired by the New York Giants four years ago, joined the Arizona Cardinals, continued to play despite a dislocated elbow and led his team to its first Super Bowl.

Even President Obama has acknowledged the against-the-odds comeback of Mr Warner – but says he will be cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The score

— Reputed cost of a 30-second TV advertising slot during the NBC broadcast = $3m
— 125,000 fans are expected to flock to Florida for the game
— 1.5m televisions are sold in the week before the Super Bowl
— 5m kilos of crisps will be eaten during the average game
— Sales of antacid increase by 20% the day after the event

Did You Have Trouble Watch the 3-D Effects Even With Your 3-D Glasses?

Thanks to DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., PepsiCo's SoBe Lifewater, Intel Corporation and NBC, a first-of-its kind, nationwide 'Monstrous' 3D event for Super Bowl XLIII will be among the most highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials. But many viewers may be disappointed when they don't see the dazzling 3D effects.

"Research has shown that up to 56% of those 18 to 38 years of age have one or more problems with binocular vision and therefore could have difficulty seeing 3D," shares COVD President, Dr. Carol Scott, optometrist from Springfield, MO, "and about five to seven percent of children have amblyopia (lazy eye) and cannot see 3D at all."

There are a variety of vision problems that can cause difficulty with 3D vision. If you have amblyopia ("lazy eye") or strabismus ("crossed eye") it is almost impossible to see 3D. Children with convergence insufficiency, a condition that inhibits one's ability to keep both eyes aimed correctly on a close target, may also have trouble.

Super Eating:
People eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year — except for Thanksgiving. Of course, the only difference is on Thanksgiving, there's usually a better game on. Some other food facts — and urban legends: According to the American Institute of Food Distribution, we football fans eat 42 million pounds of snack foods and other junk food on Super Bowl Sunday. The breakdown:

• 11 million pounds of potato chips,
• 12.2 million pounds of avocados (see controversy below) • 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips,
• 4.3 million pounds of pretzels, • 3.8 million pounds of popcorn,
• 2.5 million pounds of mixed nuts
• one 12-pound cheese wheel (kidding). Basically, it's more than double our average daily snack food consumption. We'll spend over $50 million buy all this stuff, too. Pass the checkbook and the Maalox.

What Was Your Favorite Commercial?

NBC, the television network that will broadcast Super Bowl XLIII – the Arizona Cardinals face the Pittsburgh Steelers at the 66,000-seat Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida – said that it had already sold all but two of its 30-second advertising slots, some of them for a record high of $3 million (£2 million), up 11 per cent from $2.7 million last year.

NBC Refused to Air Pro-Life Ad During Super Bowl

NBC is coming under fire from pro-life advocates for rejecting a television commercial a pro-life group hoped to run during the Super Bowl. The ad shows a beautiful picture of an unborn child during an ultrasound and asks what would happen if President Barack Obama had been a victim of abortion.

The commercial, a popular one in recent weeks within the pro-life movement, is sponsored by the pro-life Catholic group Fidelis and its CatholicVote web site.

After several days of negotiations, an NBC representative in Chicago told the group that NBC and the NFL are not interested in advertisements involving "political advocacy or issues."
Brian Burch, president of the pro-life group, told he is upset that NBC officials rejected what he calls a uplifting and positive pro-life ad.

“There is nothing objectionable in this positive, life-affirming advertisement. We show a beautiful ultrasound, something NBC’s parent company GE has done for years," Burch said.

"We congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the first African-American President. And we simply ask people to imagine the potential of every human life," he told

Burch responded to that rejection further by saying, “NBC claims it doesn't allow advocacy ads, but that’s not true. They were willing to air an ad by PETA if they would simply tone down the sexual suggestiveness. Our ad is far less provocative, and hardly controversial by comparison."
“The purpose of our new ad is to spread a message of hope about the potential of every human life, including the life of Barack Obama,” Burch told “We are now looking at alternative venues to run the ad over the next several weeks.”

The ad aired on BET in Chicago on Inauguration Day and it has become an Internet sensation with over 700,000 views in seven days. The CatholicVote ad was in the top 10 "most viewed" category on YouTube on Inauguration Day last week.

The ad says: “This child’s future is a broken home. He will be abandoned by his father. His single mother will struggle to raise him. Despite the hardships he will endure…this child…will become…the 1st African-American President.”

The television spot, the first of several ads in new campaign launched by, concludes with the tag line, “Life: Imagine the Potential.”

Is The Super Bowl Good for the Economy?

Although Super Bowl-related spending will almost certainly be down this year the game will still represent an economic stimulus package in its own right: about seven million Americans plan to buy flatscreen televisions for the event, down from ten million last year, and fans will spend, collectively, $10 billion on game-related food and drink. In Tampa the game is expected to generate $400 million of income for local businesses. An estimated 6 per cent of Americans are expected to take a sick day on Monday, however.

People placed online bets on certain web sites for what they call proposition bets or props. This type of unusual wagers are gaining in popularity. They said an estimated $10 billion was expected to be bet on this year's Super Bowl. and around $1 billion of the action will be on props. Bettors put money on the length of Jennifer Hudson's rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner, on the song that will kick off Bruce Springsteen's halftime show, and the best-rated commercial. And get this, Odds makers gave a 70% chance that NBC commentator John Madden will allude to at least two different foods.

Jennifer Hudson’s Return

In October 2008 Jen's seemingly perfect life--hot new debut album just out in stores, new all-star movie in theaters, new engagement to I Love New York TV bachelor Davis "Punk" Otunga--was shattered when her mother, brother, and nephew were tragically murdered in Chicago. (Her estranged brother-in-law has been arrested in the case.) Since then, the "Spotlight" singer has remained completely out of the spotlight, understandably canceling all photo and video shoots, interviews, and public performances. Until now.

Jennifer finally emerged from seclusion to sing the national anthem. After all, what better showcase could there be for her much-awaited, rising-from-ashes return than Super Bowl XLIII, where she'd sing one of the most triumphant songs in history, for more TV viewers than any other broadcast on earth, in front of a stadium filled with fans all rooting for her just as heartily as they'd root for the Cardinals or Steelers?

And it was a super return indeed. First of all, she looked stunning--a sophisticated vision in black cigarette pants, button-studded military jacket, funky doorknocker earrings, glamorous updo, and a pair of stilettos so razor-sharp it's a wonder they didn't sink into the grass during her walk to the center of the football field. And the crowd roar she received when she appeared was an ovation worthy of a true superstar.

However, it wasn't a perfect comeback. Jennifer was visibly nervous--heaving a giant sigh before she picked up the mic, and an even heavier one (presumably of relief) when it was all over--and she never smiled once. I imagine that if the song hadn't been pretaped (a common practice at the Super Bowl, since the acoustics at such a massive venue aren't conducive to live singing), her wavering voice might have cracked before the song was done, making it impossible for her to confidently hit the big payoff note at the end.

Yes, it was obvious that she was having a tough time of it, and that this was a very bittersweet moment here. Here she was, singing for the biggest international audience in the world, a huge career milestone for her...and sadly, her closest family members weren't there to witness it. But the resilience she displayed during her emotional run on American Idol and as Effie in Dreamgirls was still evident, and she made it through with her characteristic class and strength.

And I have a feeling her mother, brother, and nephew were there to witness her performance, in spirit, and she made them (and the gazillions of others watching, including myself) very proud.

Why Kurt Warner Isn’t Afraid to Wear Unlucky Number 13

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is a born-again Christian whose faith informs his every decision, right down to his jersey number. By choosing No. 13, Warner means to send the message that his spirituality allows no room for superstition.

He was one of five players on the active rosters of the 32 N.F.L. teams to wear No. 13 in 2008. The others were wide receiver Steve Johnson of Buffalo and quarterbacks Richard Bartel of Cleveland, Brock Berlin of St. Louis and Shaun Hill of San Francisco.

Since leading the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, Kurt Warner has had Hall of Fame credentials examined, but it is a conversation he has no interest in. His family is always reminding him of the bigger picture.

Warner is the sixth Cardinal since the franchise joined the league in 1920 to wear the number, and perhaps the last. After leading the franchise to its first Super Bowl, Warner may have his jersey retired someday to the team's Ring of Honor.

"A lot of people believe 13 is an unlucky number," Warner said, "but I've kind of embraced it."
He added: "A lot of negative things come with the No. 13. My life is never dictated by superstitions. My faith is first and foremost. If you believe that God's in control, there is no reason to believe in superstitions

Anyone catch the Puppy Bowl on Sunday?

While the Super Bowl lineup featured tars like the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward and the Cardinals' Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, the Puppy Bowl starters went simpy by on Bella and Alex.

The Puppy Bowl featured two teams and 20 dogs, all of which were chosen from local shelters. Some of the dogs included Alex, a 12-week-old hound mix; Bella, a 12-week-old pit bull mix; Charlie Brown, a 9-week-old Doberman mix; and Isaac, a 15-week-old miniature Pinscher.

The canine gridiron matchup also featured the classic extras that are offered at the Super Bowl, including the national anthem and a halftime show. But instead of Jennifer Hudson, the Puppy Bowl featured Pepper, a parrot, chirping out "The Star-Spangled Banner." And instead of Bruce Springsteen, the Puppy Bowl's halftime show featured kittens -- complete with kitty toys and confetti.

Animal Planet first started Puppy Bowl in 2005 as an alternative for television viewers who were not interested in watching the Super Bowl.


Obama on BonusesPresident Obama slammed Wall Street for taking more than $18 billion in bonuses in 2008. He's so angry that's he's only going to give Wall Street $100 billion worth of the $900 billion stimulus plan.

Dodd AngrySenator Christopher Dodd is blasting Wall Street for giving itseld $18 billion worth of bonuses despite drastic losses in 2008. Dodd says he's personally outraged because everyone knows the only people who can get pay raises when they fail are members of Congress. * Did you know that recently Congress voted to give each lawmaker and additional $93,000 in petty cash? Yup It is true.

Blago RemovedThe state of Illinois has finally rid itself of Governor Rod Blagojevich... now if someone could just get him off of CNN. Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted and removed from office. No longer governor. By a vote of 59 to nothing . . . so close. So that’s one corrupt politician down, 126,388 more to go. It’s not over. He could still go to jail. In fact, he will be the first Illinois governor to go to jail since the last one . . . and the one before that . . and then there were a couple more . . .

Blagojevich did finally showed up for his impeachment trial. He spoke for 47 minutes. They were finally able to nab him with a butterfly net and some AquaNet.

Political experts are wondering what the future will hold for Gov. Rod Blagojevich. On the bright side, he has been offered a job by Supercuts for the “before” picture.

You know who really should go to jail…Blago’s hairstylist.that’s who!
Hasselback Pregnant!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View,” announced that she’s pregnant. She’ll have to deal with the crying, diaper changes, drooling, and when she’s done with her co-hosts on TheVIEW, then she’ll have to look after the baby.

Oprah’s Birthday

Last week was Oprha’s birthday. I knid of feel bad for her signigifcant other, Steadman, I mean what do you eght the woman who has her own President?

Crime Gangs
The FBI now says that 80% of the crime in the U.S. is being carried out by ruthless gangs... but enough about Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs.

Aretha’s Inauguration Hat is Still in the News

Hey, how about Aretha's hat! It could go down in history. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., has asked the Queen of Soul if she will donate the hat she wore to sing "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" before the swearing-in on the steps of the Capitol for an exhibit on President Barack Obama's inauguration. I understand Aretha is considering the request.Aretha's hat seems to be taking on a life of its own. Let's face it, it is bigger than the both of us.

Mars Rover Spirit is Acting Funny

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., are trying to figure out why the Mars rover Spirit is acting erratically. The laboratory said that Spirit failed to notify controllers on Earth of its orientation after driving last weekend. The six-wheel robotic geologist also did not record its activities to its memory. Scientists are running diagnostic tests this week to figure out the problem. The lab says it could be caused by cosmic rays hitting Spirit's electronics. Or maybe like "Hal", the computer in the movie "2001 space odyssey", the rover is going wacko on us.

There will be at least one more film in the "Narnia" series.

Although Disney had said they wouldn’t produce any more of the films because of diminishing returns on the projects, the Hollywood Reporter says Twentieth Century Fox will be doing at least one more film due by late next year (2010). The third film will be called "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Although the last film grossed $420 million last year, it cost nearly $200 million to produce. The first film in the series, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," grossed $745 million worldwide.

Scrapbook Shopping News….

If you’ve been in Michaels or Hobby Lobby or whatever your local craft mecca might be over the last few years, you know that scrapbooking has practically kept those stores in business. The popularity of arranging, mounting and embellishing pages of photos and mementos has given rise to an inexhaustible range of products and supplies. That’s why it should come as no surprise that PARIS HILTON has decided extend her brand and put her name on a line of scrapbooking stuff. While it’s tough to imagine she might risk wrecking her manicure with glue and acid-free ink, she indeed was at the recent Craft and Hobby Association show to debut the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. Lots of pink, rhinestones, glitter, Barbie-looking trims suitable for tweens but not likely to attract the serious scrapper.

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