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Love Cherishes.
Husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies. Ephesians 5:28

The problem within our culture is that when our marriages experience difficulty, we are urged to dump our spouse for a “newer model”. But those who have this view do not understand the significant bond between a hsuband and a wife. The truth is you are a part of one another. You would never cut off your hand if it was injured but would pay whatever you could afford for the best medical treatment possible. That’s because your hand is priceless to you. It is a part of who you are. And so is your mate.

TODAY’S LOVE DARE: What need does your spouse have that you could meet today? Can you run an errand? Give a back rub or a foot massage? Is there hosuework you could help with? Choose a gesture that says “I cherish you” and do it with a smile!

When you look at your spouse, you’re looking at a part of you. So treat them well. Speak highly of them. Nourish and cherish the love of your life.


Carnival begins today, the two days before Ash Wednesday. Carnival includes Fasching, the Feast of Fools. Today is Shrove Monday, also called Rose Monday, the Monday before Lent.

Today is National Personal Chef Day.

Today is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

Today is National Banana Bread Day.

Read Me Week begins today, a time to wear readable clothing, to school where children can read you.

On this date in 1985 Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight threw a metal folding chair across the court during a game. He was so ashamed, to punish himself he's still wearing the same sweater.

2005: Official efforts to identify victims from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York ended, leaving more than 1,000 bodies unidentified.


The Oscars
Poor, poor Hollywood. The glitziest bash on the planet happened last night and the LA Times says Hollywood struggled to find the right balance between glamour and sensitivity to the current state of the economy. Some things are obvious. Parties were scaled back, and no one wore diamond-encrusted shoes.

It used to be chic to say, 'I'm wearing $16 million worth of jewels,'" said one publicist. "That's distasteful right now. But some say there was a risk of going too far into recession mode and they warned that if movie stars tried too hard to appear sympathetic to the economic woes of millions of Americans, no one would want to watch. The fashion director of InStyle magazine asks, "Would you really want to tune in and see a bunch of women walking down the red carpet in black pantsuits? It's a recession," he said, "not an apocalypse."

You know why I didn’t watch…..I just thought it was a bloated, self-indulgent popularity contest. Had nothing to do with the economy and who wore what!

Friday night was the last night for CONAN O’BRIEN as his "Late Night" show signs off after 2,725 episodes.

As you probably know, Conan is segueing over into JAY LENO’s "Tonight Show" chair when Jay leaves for prime-time.

It was the 16th season of "Late Night with Conan O’Brien." That's five more than "MASH," five more than "Cheers," and 10 more than anybody wanted.

Cookies Crumble
Girl Scout cookie sales are plummeting across the country. The girls are having a hard time competing with their laid off parents who are now selling everything else.

Woods A Dad Again
Tiger Woods and his wife Elin have given birth to a baby boy, Charlie. Charlies already has a $20 million Nike diaper endorsement contract.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi met with the Pope last week, and after the meeting, she asked for the Pope's blessing. Another embarrassing moment . . . when he asked her to close her eyes, she said, "I can't . . ." Botox and all . . . and then there is the blinking.

California finally passed a budget. The impasse was finally overcome when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to make a sequel to "Kindergarten Cop

Life is crazy in California.

California is the only place where...

Your coworker has 8 body piercings
You make over $1 00,000 and still can't afford a house.
Your child's 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Flower.
Your car insurance costs as much as your house payment.
You pass an elementary school playground and the children are all busy with their cell pones or pagers.
Both you AND your dog have therapists.
...and last but not least...
The Terminator is your governor.

The economy is suffering….Here's how bad it is: Now when you go to the airport and you have to put all your change in that pan to pass through the metal detectors? They’re not giving it back.

Foremer President Bush Goes to Hardware Store Looking for a Job
"Former President George W. Bush has visited a Dallas hardware store that earlier this month made him a lighthearted offer to work as a greeter. The manager at Elliott's Hardware, says Bush walked into the store Saturday and quipped: 'I'm looking for a job.' The store had published an open letter to Bush, inviting him to apply for a store greeter position. The tongue-in-cheek appeal appeared in The Dallas Morning News. Bush spent about an hour shopping and talking to customers during the surprise visit. He bought a few flashlights, batteries and a can of WD-40. He also bought night lights."

Sounds to me like somebody had a "honey-do" list from home.

Good News For Jim……
A Croatian man says he's in perfect health - after drinking nothing but Coca-Cola for more than 40 years. 71 year old Pero Ajtman of Karanac, started his Coke only diet in 1968 after promising his mother he wouldn't drink alcohol anymore. He said: "Coca-Coca was the only thing that tasted as good as wine so I started drinking that." He has a glass in the morning, before and after lunch, with his dinner and then before he goes to bed. He never drinks anything else. And he credits his good health to that.

A Japanese toy company is offering to make tailor-made robot Mini-Mes for its customers. Robotics firm Little Island claim they can create a tiny likeness of anyone - even replicating the sound of their voice. Customers place their $2,160 order and simply submit a photo of the person they'd like their new toy to resemble. Six months later, and their very own Mini-Me will turn up on their doorstep. The dolls can be taught to sound like the customer via a built-in microphone, a computer and voice recognition software.

President Obama Warned the Nationa’s Mayors NOT to waste Stimulus Money
"Invoking his own name-and-shame policy, President Barack Obama warned the nation's mayors on Friday that he will 'call them out' if they waste the money from his massive economic stimulus plan.
'The American people are watching,' Obama told a gathering of mayors at the White House. 'They need this plan to work. They expect to see the money that they've earned - they've worked so hard to earn - spent in its intended purposes without waste, without inefficiency, without fraud.'"

Those mayors are always under a lot of pressure. Just recently in a Missouri town, a seedy-looking man was sitting in the first row at a town meeting, heckling the mayor as he delivered a lengthy speech.

Finally the mayor pointed to the heckler and said, "Will that gentleman who differs with me please stand up and tell the audience what he has ever done for the good of the city?"

"Well, Mr. Mayor," the man said in a firm voice. "I voted against you in the last election."

100 Funniest Words in English
The Lexiteria has announced the publication of The 100 Funniest Words in English by Dr. Robert Beard, AKA Dr. Goodword on the website. This book examines what Dr. Beard considers the funniest of the 2500 words he has described and e-mailed daily to 200,000 people over the past 8 years.
After a short essay on what makes words funny, Dr. Beard examines the pronunciation, meaning, usage, and history of each funny word, giving several creative examples of its use. Dr. Beard's selection of the funniest words includes the likes of "absquatulate," "bowyangs," "collywobbles," "gongoozle," "hemidemisemiquaver," and "snollygoster."
Here are the words, described as only 'Dr. Goodword' can describe them, that you will find in the book.

Abibliophobia - The fear of running out of reading material.
Absquatulate - To leave or abscond with something.
Allegator - Some who alleges.
Anencephalous - Lacking a brain.
Argle-bargle - A loud row or quarrel.
Batrachomyomachy - Making a mountain out of a molehill.
Billingsgate - Loud, raucous profanity.
Bloviate - To speak pompously or brag.
Blunderbuss - A gun with a flared muzzle or disorganized activity.
Borborygm - A rumbling of the stomach.
Boustrophedon - A back and forth pattern.
Bowyang - A strap that holds the pants legs in place.
Brouhaha - An uproar.
Bumbershoot - An umbrella.
Callipygian - Having an attractive rear end or nice buns.
Canoodle - To hug and kiss.
Cantankerous - Testy, grumpy.
Catercornered - Diagonal(ly).
Cockalorum - A small, haughty man.
Cockamamie - Absurd, outlandish.
Codswallop - Nonsense, balderdash.
Collop - A slice of meat or fold of flab.
Collywobbles - Butterflies in the stomach.
Comeuppance - Just reward, just deserts.
Crapulence - Discomfort from eating or drinking too much.
Crudivore - An eater of raw food.
Discombobulate - To confuse.
Donnybrook - An melee, a riot.
Doozy - Something really great.
Dudgeon - A bad mood, a huff.
Ecdysiast - An exotic dancer, a stripper.
Eructation - A burp, belch.
Fard - Face-paint, makeup.
Fartlek - An athletic training regime.
Fatuous - Unconsciously foolish.
Filibuster - Refusal to give up the floor in a debate to prevent a vote.
Firkin - A quarter barrel or small cask.
Flibbertigibbet - Nonsense, balderdash.
Flummox - To exasperate.
Folderol - Nonsense.
Formication - The sense of ants crawling on your skin.
Fuddy-duddy - An old-fashioned, mild-mannered person.
Furbelow - A fringe or ruffle.
Furphy - A portable water-container.
Gaberlunzie - A wandering beggar.
Gardyloo! - A warning shouted before throwing water from above.
Gastromancy - Telling fortune from the rumblings of the stomach.
Gazump - To buy something already promised to someone else.
Gobbledygook - Nonsense, balderdash.
Gobemouche - A highly gullible person.
Godwottery - Nonsense, balderdash.
Gongoozle - To stare at, kibitz.
Gonzo - Far-out journalism.
Goombah - An older friend who protects you.
Hemidemisemiquaver - A musical timing of 1/64.
Hobbledehoy - An awkward or ill-mannered young boy.
Hocus-pocus - Deceitful sleight of hand.
Hoosegow - A jail or prison.
Hootenanny - A country or folk music get-together.
Jackanapes - A rapscallion, hooligan.
Kerfuffle - Nonsense, balderdash.
Klutz - An awkward, stupid person.
La-di-da - An interjection indicating that something is pretentious.
Lagopodous - Like a rabbit's foot.
Lickety-split - As fast as possible.
Lickspittle - A servile person, a toady.
Logorrhea - Loquaciousness, talkativeness.
Lollygag - To move slowly, fall behind.
Malarkey - Nonsense, balderdash.
Maverick - A loner, someone outside the box.
Mollycoddle - To treat too leniently.
Mugwump - An independent politician who does not follow any party.
Mumpsimus - An outdated and unreasonable position on an issue.
Namby-pamby - Weak, with no backbone.
Nincompoop - A foolish person.
Oocephalus - An egghead.
Ornery - Mean, nasty, grumpy.
Pandiculation - A full body stretch.
Panjandrum - Someone who thinks himself high and mighty.
Pettifogger - A person who tries to befuddle others with his speech.
Pratfall - A fall on one's rear.
Quean - A disreputable woman.
Rambunctious - Aggressive, hard to control.
Ranivorous - Frog-eating
Rigmarole - Nonsense, unnecessary complexity.
Shenanigan - A prank, mischief.
Sialoquent - Spitting while speaking.
Skedaddle - To hurry somewhere.
Skullduggery - No good, underhanded dealing.
Slangwhanger - A loud abusive speaker or obnoxious writer.
Smellfungus - A perpetual pessimist.
Snickersnee - A long knife.
Snollygoster - A person who can't be trusted.
Snool - A servile person.
Tatterdemalion - A child in rags.
Troglodyte - Someone or something that lives in a cave.
Turdiform - Having the form of a lark.
Unremacadamized - Having not been repaved with macadam.
Vomitory - An exit or outlet.
Wabbit - Exhausted, tired, worn out.
Widdershins - In a contrary or counterclockwise direction.
Yahoo - A rube, a country bumpkin.
@ - The "at" sign.

Sad But True…President Obama Tops Jesus as American’s Hero
ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 20 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama succeeded Jesus Christ on a Harris Poll that asked American adults whom would they call heroes, poll data indicated Friday.

In the first such survey, in 2001, Jesus was first, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was second and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was third. Obama wasn't mentioned.

Now, after the president, Jesus and King, the new top 10 includes former U.S.

Presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln; U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; former President John F. Kennedy; hero airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger; and humanitarian Mother Teresa. God was 11th, the poll said.

The most mentioned reason for making the list (89 percent) was "Doing what's right regardless of personal consequences."

Poll officials said the survey was conducted among 2,634 U.S. adults who answered spontaneously in contacts Jan. 12-19.

Autonomous military robots that will fight future wars must be programmed to live by a strict warrior code, or the world risks untold atrocities at their steely hands.
The stark warning — which includes discussion of a "Terminator"-style scenario in which robots turn on their human masters — is part of a hefty report funded by and prepared for the U.S. Navy's high-tech and secretive Office of Naval Research.
The report, the first serious work of its kind on military robot ethics, envisages a fast-approaching era where robots are smart enough to make battlefield decisions that are at present the preserve of humans.

Eventually, it notes, robots could come to display significant cognitive advantages over Homo sapiens soldiers.

"There is a common misconception that robots will do only what we have programmed them to do," Patrick Lin, the chief compiler of the report, said. "Unfortunately, such a belief is sorely outdated, harking back to a time when ... programs could be written and understood by a single person."

The reality, Dr. Lin said, was that modern programs included millions of lines of code and were written by teams of programmers, none of whom knew the entire program.
Accordingly, no individual could accurately predict how the various portions of large programs would interact without extensive testing in the field — an option that may either be unavailable or deliberately sidestepped by the designers of fighting robots.

Old Navy Recalls Stuffed Toys; Button Eyes Can Detach and Pose a Choking Hazard to Young Children
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of product: Stuffed Animal and Creature Toys
Units: About 35,500 in the United States and 5,400 in Canada
Retailer: Old Navy LLC, of San Francisco, Calif.
Hazard: The stuffed toys have two button eyes that could detach from the toy, posing a choking hazard to young children.
Incidents/Injuries: None reported.
Description: The stuffed animal and creature toys are made out of cotton and have plastic button eyes. They come in a variety of styles, such as a rabbit, penguin and reindeer. The recalled toys and style numbers are listed below:
Type of Stuffed Toy Style Number
Brown Plaid Creature (Stubby Stuberson) 612756
Pink Striped Dove 600571
Grey Dog 600572
Hot Pink Creature (Lucy Toothy) 612800
White Dog (Dr. Poopsie) 612738
Brown Penguin 612672
Light Pink Rabbit 612671
Brown Reindeer 612728
Dark Pink Rabbit (Honey O’Bunny) 612806
The style number is located on a white label sewn into the side seam of the toy.
Sold at: Old Navy stores and on the Web at from July 2008 through February 2009 for between $6 and $10.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the recalled stuffed toy away from young children and return it to any Old Navy store for a full refund. If purchased online, contact Old Navy for instructions on returning the toy for a full refund. Consumers who return the toy before July 1, 2009 will also receive a $5 coupon toward a future Old Navy purchase.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Old Navy toll-free at (866) 580-9930 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, visit the firm’s Web site at, or e-mail the firm at
Note: Health Canada’s press release can be seen at


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