Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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In my devotion time the other day I was in the Book of John and I was reading in Chapter 11 about the death of Lazarus. Now Lazarus was the brother to Mary, who annotied Jesus feet with perfume and dried them with her hair. Lazarus was also the brother to Martha. All three of them were loved by Jesus and they were his dear friends.

Now Jesus received the news of Lazarus’ sickness and pending death he did not race back to Judea but stayed a few more days.

Now I know that Jesus did not do anything without it first coming directly from the Father, so I believe that Jesus knew to stay where he was for a time so that when he did return and raise Lazarus from the dead it would be a HUGE testament as to who he really was to everyone around him.

Something I noticed in this story that I never had seen before was the reaction of Martha and Mary when Jesus finally did return to the village where Lazarus had died. Martha heard Jesus was coming and she ran out to meet him while Mary remained sitting in the house. That struck me…that Mary didn’t run to meet Jesus as well.

Do you think Mary had a “girlfriend attitude”? She knew Jesus had received the message days before about her sick brother. Do you think she was thinking to herself, “Oh you show up. Where have you been all this time? We could have really used your help a few days ago..and NOW you show up? Seriously, Jesus..I’m the one that sat at your feet and hung on your every word while Martha cleaned and cleaned the house during your visit…you even commended me…but you can’t take the time to show up when I call for you? What is up with that?”

Sometimes I think we “cop” a “girlfriend attitude” like Mary may have. We pray and present our petitions and needs to the Lord and yet he is silent for days, weeks, sometimes even years and we beging to question whether or not he is listtening at all. Is he really going to help us? Does he really care about us? The answer of course, is “yes, he does.” But we must understand that our timing is not always God’s timing.

Jesus did raise Lazarus from the dead and he does answer our prayers, in his divine timing , in his wisdom and love for us.


Today is National Weatherperson's Day (formerly Weatherman's Day until society wised up and realized a woman could miss the forecast just as well as man).

Today is Weatherperson's Day, marking the birth in 1744 of John Jefferies, one of America's first weathermen. According to historians, Jefferies was bald, told jokes, and knew nothing about meteorology, so he was perfect for the job.

Today is Family Leave Day. In 1993, President Clinton signed the Family Leave Bill, which allowed workers to take time off to deal with the birth or adoption of a child
National School Counseling Week begins today.

Today traditionally is No Talk Day at the Garner Elementary School in Clio, Michigan. No one can say anything at school today; all communication has to be in writing. We tried to call the school for an interview, but nobody would talk to us.The answering machine wouldn't even beep.Actually, it's a good idea, but not for radio. Except maybe for Howard Stern.

Today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a day to honor all girls and women in sports, and any other athletes who sometimes wear dresses.Or run funny.


It’s Tax Time

What's the difference between death and taxes? Death doesn't get worse every time Congress convenes.

Yesterday was Football Signing Day

Yesterday was National College Signing Day for America's top high school football stars. It's also the last time any of them will write anything again.

Health for Kids

The House has overwhelmingly approved a bill to provide government-sponsored health coverage to 4 million more children. Of course, this coverage is only available to kids who can fill out 500 pages of government insurance forms.

The Difference Between Recession and Depression

Do you know the difference?
Recession is when your neighbor loses their job. Depression is when you lose yours.

President Obama Works Towards Capping Execs Pay

President Barack Obama imposed $500,000 caps on senior executive pay for the most distressed financial institutions receiving federal bailout money, saying Americans are upset with "executives being rewarded for failure." Hey, those C.E.O.'s are something else, aren't they? I think Albert Einstein was correct when he said: "Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed."

Lipo- Suctioned Body Fat Powers Surgeon’s SUV

In Beverly Hills, Calif., a former liposuction doctor admitted he had used excessive body fat from patients to create a bio-diesel fuel that powered his SUV. He tried it for a while just to see if it worked. It did. I would imagine his patients felt a little funny knowing their body fat was in his SUV.

Follow Up On Octuplet Mom Story

She isn’t married, although the father of the octuplets is apparently in the military and scheduled to go to Iraq. Or at least we think that part is true.

The mother also has six other children at home, where she has been living with her mother.
All of the children were conceived artificially.

That makes 14 children in all….but, where are the donations of diapers, formula, baby items? Where is the free mini-van?

Women who give birth to six, seven or eight babies are often showered with dazzling gifts from big corporations, local businesses and strangers. But that is not happening with the Southern California mother who delivered octuplets last week.

The news that she is a single mother with six other children — and that all 14 were conceived by having embryos implanted — seems to have turned off many people, and companies are not exactly rushing to get publicity by piling on the freebies.

Nadya Suleman, 33, has been lambasted by talk-show hosts, fertility experts, even her own mother, who has her hands full taking care of Suleman’s other children, ages 2 to 7.

Procter & Gamble spokeswoman Tricia Higgins said that the maker of Pampers does not actively seek out parents to sponsor, but that the octuplets’ mother can ask for what is typically provided in multiple births: a jumbo pack of diapers for each child, baby wipes, and coupons for discounts. That is unlikely to last Suleman a week.

Conservative radio talk show host Bill Handel in Los Angeles, who has branded the births “freakish,” said on the air Tuesday that people are ready to boycott any corporations that help the octuplets or their mother.

Suleman has had offers for TV and other media deals, but he added it was too early to discuss how much money she might receive.

For a single mother, the cost of raising 14 children through age 17 ranges from $1.3 million to $2.7 million through age 17, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The Suleman octuplets’ medical costs have not been disclosed, but the average cost for just one cesarean birth in 2006 was $22,762 in California. The Suleman babies were born nine weeks premature. In California, a single premature birth in 2006 led to an average hospital stay of 25 days and cost $164,273. That would amount to a $1.3 million bill for eight.

Suleman’s income is unclear. She was employed by a mental hospital from 1997 through 2008.

Cars Don’t Need Much Warm Up

The next time you find yourself cursing the cold while your car idles out in the driveway, ask yourself what part of your car you are warming.

If it’s a warm interior you seek, you’re on the right course.

But if you are trying to warm up the engine, you could already be heading down the road.
“Extended warm-ups are not necessary,” said John Paul, AAA Southern New England's Car Doctor. “In cold weather, allow the car to run for a minute and then drive (or) accelerate slowly until the car comes up to operating temperature.

The operating temperature varies by vehicle and by driving conditions, but generally falls within a range of 190-250 degrees.

Modern vehicles are more intelligent than they were in the past. With massive computerization, sensors inside the car adjust the engine’s behavior based on the conditions.

In addition, idling a car for longer wastes fuel. As puts it, idling gets 0 miles per gallon. Cars with larger engines typically waste more gas at idle than cars with smaller engines.

But while idling your car to warm up your engine is unnecessary, there are other steps you should take to ensure your vehicle starts and runs properly on frigid mornings.

Paul said AAA Southern New England recommends motorists check to see their battery is fully charged and in proper working condition.

"At zero degrees, your car's battery can lose up to 60 percent of its power," Paul said. "Even at 32 degrees, your car's battery can be up to 35 percent weaker than at 70 degrees."

The most common sign of a weak battery is an unusual sound coming from the starter motor when the ignition key is turned, indicating difficulty in starting the engine, Paul said.

Paul also points to clean oil as especially important during the winter, when sludgy, contaminated oil can make an engine harder to turn over and start. Equally important is keeping your fuel tank at least half full in cold weather and ensuring your engine coolant is clean and at the proper level.

“Cold temperatures compound existing problems,” he said. “A car that is slow to start in 50 degree temperature may not start at all when the temperature dips below zero.”

Abortion Funding Abroad Policy Least Popular move so far for President Obama

Among the several major actions President Obama has taken in the early days of his office, his decision to reverse the prohibition on funding for overseas abortion providers was the least popular, the latest Gallup Poll shows.

Only 35 percent of Americans approved of Obama's repeal of the Mexico City Policy, while 58 percent disapproved, according to a Gallup poll released Monday. The second least popular action was the order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison with only 44 percent expressing approval.
The USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Jan. 30-Feb. 1, asked 1,027 Americans to say whether they approve or disapprove of seven specific actions Obama has taken as president.
Out of the seven policies included in the poll - from naming special envoys for the Middle East to limiting interrogation techniques on prisoners - Obama's decision to repeal the pro-life rule garnered the highest disapproval rating.

The Mexico City Policy, which declared that American tax dollars would not fund international organizations involved in performing or promoting abortions abroad, was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The policy was repealed by Bill Clinton when he took office in 1993 but it was then re-instituted by George W. Bush in 2001. Obama has once again lifted it.
When compared across political lines, the president's repeal of the pro-life rule still received the lowest approval rating.

The provision in the stimulus plan to expand state access to family-planning services under Medicaid was dropped after House Republicans denounced it, arguing that it wouldn't stimulate the economy and would instead go toward funding "the abortion industry" and the distribution of contraceptives.
So What Happens to all that Arizona Cardinal Super Bowl Gear that Didn’t Get Used?

Two sets of Super Bowl Champion gears were printed, but only one team could claim the champion title and wear the victory t-shirts and hats after Sunday’s game.

The dramatic, breathtaking twist in the final minute of the game crowned the Pittsburgh Steelers the winner of Super Bowl XLIII and made the Arizona Cardinals’ pre-printed champion gear unsellable in the United States.

But through a partnership between World Vision and the National Football League, hundreds of poor children and families in the Central American nation of El Salvador will be the happy recipients of Reebok produced t-shirts, hats, and McArthur Towel & Sports produced trophy towels that wrongly hailed the Arizona Cardinals the Super Bowl champion.

For many of these children and families, the NFL gear will be the first new piece of clothing they have ever received in their lives.

An estimated $1 million worth of Super Bowl apparel will be donated this year, according to Fields.

The Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl apparel from host city Tampa Bay is expected to arrive at the World Vision distribution center Tuesday afternoon. Major sporting good retailers and manufacturers across the nation will also be donating official Cardinal Super Bowl apparel in the following weeks.

Fields will travel to El Salvador on Wednesday to support the distribution of the Cardinals apparel.

For 17 years, World Vision and the NFL have teamed up to donate the large quantity of unsellable Super Bowl apparel to people living in extreme poverty around the world.
Instead of being destroyed, the Super Bowl apparel from the losing team is quickly shipped from the host city to World Vision’s international distribution center just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. At the distribution center, items are then sorted and added to shipments of other goods requested by World Vision field staff in various countries.

This year, World Vision noted, the apparel from the losing team is ironically being shipped to the champion’s hometown of Pittsburgh where the warehouse is located.

“World Vision helps us to ensure that no NFL apparel goes to waste,” said David Krichavsky, NFL director of community relations, in a statement. “We are pleased to find a good home for the clothing by getting it to those who need it most.”

Last year, Super Bowl gear from the New England Patriots were distributed to schoolchildren in Nicaragua. The Patriots clothing was also provided to children in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

House Votes to Delay Digital Switch

Congress this afternoon granted a four-month reprieve to the millions of consumers who are at risk of losing access to TV signals during the switch from over-the-air television to digital broadcasting.

In a 264-158 vote, the House of Representatives approved a bill to push the transition to June 12 from Feb. 17. President Obama has promised to sign the legislation, which passed the Senate last week. The law will require TV stations to keep broadcasting their analog signals until June 12. Consumer advocates say that as many as 10 million viewers currently get their programming solely from over-the-air broadcasts and are unprepared for the digital transition.

"Consumers are confused about where to buy their converter box, about which box to buy, how to hook up their box, what to do if they lose a channel they once got and whether they need a new antenna," said Joel Kelsey, a policy analyst with Consumers Union. "Changing the date allows them more time to grapple with those questions."

But the delay also could make the confusing transition even more perplexing for some viewers.
TV stations are allowed to seek federal approval to turn off their analog signals before the new deadline. So instead of nearly all broadcasters making the switch on Feb. 17, stations now may ...
... make the switch at different times over the next four months.

That could create another hiccup: Some converter boxes don't have the ability to "pass through" analog signals. As a result, in areas where both digital and analog signals are transmitted, viewers with the wrong converter box may have to unplug the device to watch one channel broadcast in analog, then plug it back in to watch another in digital.

Although they did not need to notify the FCC if they planned to switch on Feb. 17, 276 stations have, indicating that they may want to make the switch on that date regardless of the congressional delay. But acting FCC Chairman Michael J. Copps said this week that some of those stations may decide to continue broadcasting in analog after the delay is enacted.

The original law that set the Feb. 17 deadline also allowed stations to make the switch early. Some already have -- 143 of the nation’s approximately 1,800 stations have made the transition, and 60 more plan to do it before Feb. 17, according to the FCC.
But supporters said the delay was necessary, particularly to provide more money for the government's subsidy program for consumers who purchase converter boxes. The Commerce Department, which administers a $1.5-billion program to send coupons worth $40 toward the purchase of a converter, ran out of money Jan. 4 and started a waiting list. There are requests for about 3.2 million coupons currently on the list, according to Consumers Union.
It's Time for the Kids to 'Doodle for Google"
Is Snow The New Super Food?
8 cups of snow or shaved ice
1 (14 ounce) can of sweetend condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls!

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