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The Love Language of God – Hope for today’s Marriage
Series kicks off today at 8 a.m.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway. Basket is filled with delicious Dove Chocolate products compliments of Dove Chocolate and Independent Chocolatier, Michelle Sheppard. The Fireproof DVD and Love Dare Book AND an overnight stay at the gorgeous High Street Victorian bed & Breakfast in Boonville, Mo.

Send us a love letter you have written to your spouse by February 11th. We will select a winner from all of the letters we receive and read that love letter on the air on February 12th. Plus, the winning letter writer will receive the gift basket to share with their special Valentine! You can email your letter to or you can snail mail them to Spirit FM P.O. Box 800 Camdenton, Mo. 65020.

As I was pulling out my Valentine’s Day decorations yesterday I was flipping through a book and I found some pressed rose petal leaves in between the pages. Suddenly I was taken back a few years and remembered what those dried red petals meant to me. They represented the love that my husband had, and has, for me, during this romantic season, and all year long. I sat there with the brittle, delicate petals in my hand and I couldn’t help but smile to myself and feel all warm inside remembering the day I put those roses in between the pages of that book.

I don’t know about you, but I try to save things like that all the time. My kids laugh at me because I think I have every card they ever gave me, every picture they ever colored, and every Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day decoration they ever made at school.

I think it is great to save these little momentos but I also know that it is important to live each day to it’s fullest and not just dwell on the past. All too soon our lives , like those rose petals I saved, will wither and fade away. So take up today and live the life God has given you, with your eyes wide open. The brillance of life will linger if we open our hearts to the joy of each day. The joy that can only be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall. Isaiah 64:6

Today is Federal No Smoking Day. In 1987, no smoking became the rule for 6,800 federal buildings across the U.S. Hmmm. Does this mean President Obama will be seen outside the White House taking smoke breaks today

Today is National Wear Red Day, kicking off the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" cardiovascular disease campaign (First Friday in February.)

Today is Bubble Gum Day, the day thousands of children who donate 50 cents to a worthy charity get to chew gum at school. (Kids, make sure you have your principal's permission.)

Today is Be Happy Together Day, a day for couples to do something fun.

1935: The board game Monopoly went on sale.

1971: Alan Shepard hit three golf balls on the moon. Alan played golf like I do. He lost all three balls.


President Obama May Be A Genius

Obama is a genius. Whenever he nominates someone, they pay their taxes. He’s found a way to eliminate the deficit — nominate everyone in the country, one person at a time, and they’ll pay their taxes.

Tom Daschle withdrew his name to be in Obama’s Cabinet, due to IRS problems. He said, “I will not be a distraction.” Translation….. “Uh-oh. There’s a lot more stuff you don’t know about yet.”
Apparently to some of these Democrats IRS means m really sorry!

Filling a need:
A new company is out with something called "Squeeze the Banker" dolls. You can squeeze the heck out of HENRY PAULSON, BEN BERNANKE, ALAN GREENSPAN. It's made for those of us who have lost investments in the slumping economy. Cost: $8.99Yes, because the first thing that crosses my mind after losing have the value in my stock portfolio and 401k account is, "I could sure use me some "Squeeze the Banker" dolls.

Saturday mail delivery may be cut later this year. There goes one of the great pleasures of summertime Saturdays. Sitting in your front yard -- watching the mailman walk by wearing shorts -- admiring his knees.

Small Town Politics

Buckle up. We mean it. At least a dozen states looking for new sources of revenue are cracking down on drivers who don't strap in by making it a primary offense for not wearing a seat belt. In the past, it's been a secondary offense, meaning cops had to pull you over for a different infraction — like speeding — and then they could give you a ticket for not buckling up. No more.States that begin issuing citations by Sept 30 become eligible for tens of millions of dollars in federal aid, not to mention revenue from tickets.

A new business has been set up for your wedding day: "Marryoke." The novelty wedding videos are elaborate productions in which the bride and groom star and the wedding party fill out the supporting cast in short musical films. For instance, the bride and groom might dance through the streets of your town, followed by members of the bridal party (or invited guests), lip-synching to the strains of 'That's How You Know' from Disney's 'Enchanted.' The London Telegraph reports JENNIFER PAGE, a former producer for the BBC (and not related to the RBR’s Jennifer Page), runs 4 Life Films, a wedding video production company that does the work. A video costs between $850 and $2850.

Our nomination for Criminal Mastermind of the Week goes to the guy robbing a couple of 7-Elevens armed with a Klingon sword.

He managed to get cash from one clerk but left the second store empty-handed.

It's not just any Klingon sword, mind you. Both clerks described the weapon as a Klingon-type sword, called a "bat'leth." It has points on both ends, two points in between and a handle on the outside.

Nobody was hurt by the weapon but the apparent Star Trek fan is still at large.

And likely to be found living in mom's basement

Political Racket /Dirty Tricks:
This calendar year might be a good time to buy a new car — if you can afford it.The Senate passed measure yesterday (by 71-26 vote) that would give a tax break to new car buyers. You'd be able to deduct the sales tax paid on a new car and interest payments on car loans.The tax break would apply to the first $49,500 on the price of a new car purchased between last November 12 and December 31 of this year. Individuals with incomes of up to $125-thousand and couples earnings as much as $250-thousand could qualify, including those who do not itemize their deductions.The idea is to encourage people to get into the showroom and help a beleaguered auto industry which can't even seem to give away a car these days.

The hot rumor yesterday was that DENISE RICHARDS, STEVE-O and JEWEL were going to be in this season's cast of "Dancing With The Stars." According to Life & Style Weekly, Denise has already lost a few pounds to tone up and get in shape. Sources also leaked to In Touch Weekly magazine that Jewel was "thrilled because of what the show has done for past contestants' bodies."

Meanwhile, OK! magazine reported Steve-O was already taking dance lessons. He's publicly battled a severe addiction to drugs, did four months in a mental institution to overcome his disease, and is said to be taking his dance lessons very seriously.

Also rumored (at some point in the past month) to be joining the eighth season: BRITNEY SPEARS' ex, KEVIN FEDERLINE, DINA LOHAN (LINDSAY's mom), "Entourage's" EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI, former "View" cast member SHERRI SHEPHERD, former NFL linebacker LAWRENCE TAYLOR and singer STEVIE WONDER.

We'll find out the whole cast on Sunday night when TOM BERGERON makes the announcement during an "All Night Name Drop" event in promos done throughout the network's prime-time programming. The new season of the show kicks off March 9th.

In other Rreality TV News..Simon Does a Good Deed!

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino has music mogul Simon Cowell to thank for saving her North Carolina home from foreclosure - after he reportedly helped to pay off some of her debts.

The singer, who was crowned the winner of the reality talent show in 2004, purchased the six-bedroom house in Charlotte in March 2007 for $1.3 million.

But she ran into financial difficulty and failed to keep up with repayments on the property.

The mansion was due to be auctioned off on January 12th by the local Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, but the sale was called off at the last minute after Barrino reached a deal with financiers.

And, according to the National Enquirer, it was Cowell who stepped in to provide a short-term solution to Barrino's money problems.

A source tells the tabloid, "Very quietly, Simon promised to help Fantasia take care of some of the back payments she owed so the house wouldn't go on the block. "

"His offer of monetary support helped her stave off the creditors, at least for the time being."

"Simon didn't want to take any credit for it, he just wanted to help her out of a jam. He was hoping to keep his good deed a secret. He didn't want to cause Fantasia any further public embarrassment."
Environmentally Safe Coffins

An Australian company has launched a personalised range of environmentally friendly coffins to make the final goodbye a little more individual. LifeArt offers customised designs such as an image of a surfer catching a wave, a picturesque scene or the colours of a favorite sports team. Customers can design their own coffin or choose from a range of designs. LifeArt coffins are manufactured from a form of cardboard, which meets the standards required by the funeral industry for either cremation or burial. The company says it means their clients can "pass away safe in the knowledge that your container (and its treasured contents) can biodegrade quickly and harmlessly with less carbon emissions and without cost to timber forests".

Some of the President’s Faith Advisors Pro-Abortion

President Barack Obama has compiled a new group of faith-based advisors who will comprise his new White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. However, unlike President Bush's group of religious advisors, Obama's includes abortion advocates.

The revamped White House office will direct federal funds to religious and neighborhood groups for social service projects.

The Obama "faith tour" was soundly condemned by pro-life advocates during the campaign because it had the involvement of Pepperdine University professor Doug Kmiec and others who falsely claimed Obama was pro-life on abortion.

"That is just is a public relations product cooked up at liberal think tanks like Third Way, where veteran pro-abortion activists specialize in developing strategies to help hard-core pro-abortion politicians camouflage their positions," NRLC legislative director Douglas Johnson told at the time.

Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Washington-based Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, a political group, will also be involved in the White House faith group.

However, the center Saperstein heads agreed to co-sponsor the national pro-abortion march Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other abortion advocates organized in 2004.

In addition, former NARAL President Kate Michelman was invited to attend the Union for Reform Judaism's biennial convention in Minneapolis in 2003.

She told convention-goers, "We are counting on groups like this -- activists like you -- to pack the buses and come to Washington" for the pro-abortion march.

Saperstein himself has attacked pro-life advocates and, in 2005, called "reprehensible" and "abhorrent" comments Focus on the Family head Dr. James Dobson made comparing the destruction of human embryos in embryonic stem cell research to the deaths of Jews killed during the Nazi holocaust.

Saperstein chided Dobson for trying to "link for political purposes" to the death of Jews "research on blastocysts that will be destroyed anyway."

Cavities Not the Worse Thing Going on in Your Child’s Mouth

New research shows cavities may not be your child's worst dental enemy.

"This research is on dental erosion -- a silent process that's eating away at a tooth's enamel. The treatment for this condition can be simple," Dr. Bruce Hensel said.

Finding out your child has a cavity is the last thing parents want to hear after a dental exam. But now there's something else to worry about. A first-of-its-kind study finds that 30 percent of 10-to 14-year-olds have dental erosion. It's the loss of enamel caused by acids found in certain foods and drinks.

Dental Researcher Bennett Amaechi says that at the early stage dental erosion can be identified by a very shiny surface. So shiny, people don't usually notice a problem.

Anna Vega enrolled three of her children in the study. Her 11-year-old's teeth had trouble spots.
"I really didn't think it was doing any damage to them. I figured they ate it, they would brush. And it turned out that stuff was doing harm to them," Vega said.

Researchers focused on acidic products that cause dental erosion like soda, sports drinks, herbal teas, fruit juices and some candies. While you don't have to avoid them completely,moderation is key. Like cavities, catching erosion at its earliest can help prevent problems.

"The key thing is that dentists should capture it at the early stage because if you leave it to get advanced, the patient will suffer by sensitivity," Amaechi said.

Anna says her kids only have soda or candy on special occasions, because now they know the damage it can do.

"Some other hints: in addition to cutting down on sodas and sugary drinks, don't have your children brush their teeth immediately after candy or soda. Have them rinse with milk first. It helps break up the acid on their teeth before they brush. If their teeth are sensitive; have them checked for dental erosion; it can be reversed when caught early," Dr. Hensel said.

FAST FACTS:Tooth erosion is the loss of enamel caused by exposure to acids.In a recent study, about 30 percent of middle school students were found to have some degree of tooth erosion.High acid foods and beverages, like colas and some citrus fruits, are more likely to cause tooth erosion.Patients can take steps to reduce the risk for tooth erosion.For more details, refer to our comprehensive research summary.

Is Osama Bin Laden Job Hunting?

SYDNEY — More than 10,000 people have jumped at the chance to become the caretaker of a tropical Australian island — including a man identifying himself as the world's most wanted terrorist, Usama bin Laden.

A 30-second video posted on YouTube shows actual video of the bearded Al Qaeda leader with garbled audio dubbed over his real voice and subtitles stating why he is right for the job.

"I enjoy the outdoors and sandy areas," the subtitles read. "I've got experience with videos, delegating tasks and experience with large scale event coordination. My interests include arts and craft and renovating. I'm outgoing and fun-loving."

Tourism Queensland, which is coordinating the contest, confirmed that a person using bin Laden's name had lodged an official application but it was rejected as inappropriate, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Wednesday.

Queensland launched the "Best Job in the World" campaign on Jan. 12, calling for video applications from people interested in a $100,000 contract to relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for six months while writing a blog to promote the island.

Bin Laden is believed to be in hiding somewhere along the mountainous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and occasionally releases video and audio messages.

The job is part of a $1.1 million campaign to publicize the charms of northeastern Queensland state. The employee will live free on the island, exploring the reef and posting videos and photos on a weekly blog.

Some of the most popular videos that have been vetted and approved by Queensland Tourism staff can be viewed on the department's Web site.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Woman Fails Driver’s Test 771 Times

SEOUL, South Korea — A woman in South Korea who has taken the written exam required for a driver's license nearly every day since 2005 has failed again — but is hoping attempt No. 772 will be the charm.

The aspiring driver took her first test in April 2005, according to Choi Young-chul, an official at the North Jeolla Province driver's license agency in Jeonju, 150 miles south of Seoul.

She has taken the test a record 771 times, most recently on Monday, but has yet to pass. She said she plans to take the test again but did not say when, he said Thursday.

The 68-year-old has spent $3,000 on fees for the test, he said. Applicants must score at least 60 on the written exam before they can get behind the wheel for a driving test. Choi says she's scored as high as 50.

"I feel sorry every time I see Cha fail. When she passes, I'll make a memorial tablet myself and give it to her," Park Jung-seok, a traffic police officer at the agency, told the Korea Times newspaper.

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