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On this date in 1890 Idaho became the 43rd U.S. state. If it weren't for Idaho, one of the most famous American phrases would be missing from the English language -- "You want fries with that?"

On this date in 1965: The most famous movie star horse died. Trigger. His owner was Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys". Roy had Trigger stuffed and mounted. Don’t you do the same thing with the old deejays around here after they’re gone, Jim?


Pentagon Order
The Pentagon says it will buy more than 5,200 new armored vehicles designed to protect troops from roadside bombs. Now all the Pentagon has to do is find an American auto company that's not out of business.

So Sad…
Michael Jackson's father announced he's looking for the next Michael. Hey, he's sad about Michael, but it's time to get back to business. Being filthy rich doesn't go as far as it once did.

A public memorial for Michael Jackson will be held on Tuesday morning at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it was reported Thursday.

CNN and MSNBC said the event will be held at 10 a.m. and that there seemed to be a great deal of activity at center, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and other L.A.-area teams.

In some ways, the Staples Center is a fitting venue: Jackson rehearsed at the 20,000-seat coliseum the day before he died.

All week long the Internet has been exploding with false rumors of celebrity deaths. Jim and I were NOT reported dead. Because, as I said, -- the hoaxes only involved celebrities.

Baghdad has opened its first Ben & Jerry's ice cream store. The most popular flavor is Iraqi Road. A delicious combination of chocolate ice cream, with nuts, marshmallows, and schrapnel.

A report shows obesity is a problem for -- dogs. Experts say obesity can make a dog very unhappy. You know your dog is overweight if he gets out of breath chasing cars. Parked cars.

Dogs are being trained to sniff out diabetes. Experts say dogs can be trained to sniff out other medical problems too. Soon -- at the medical clinic - instead of saying "The doctor will see you now" -- the receptionist will say -- "Fido will sniff you now".

A study published yesterday shows vegetarians have weaker bones. Weak bones can fracture during physical activity. So -- all you vegetarians -- try not to move around too much -- as you fight your way to the top of the food chain.

There's a report iPhones can shut down in a summer heatwave. But don't worry -- Apple engineers are working to come up with an iPhone app that creates clouds.

New Air Guitar Record Set! _ We could so do this at Crossover next year!!!

NEW YORK -- The cast and crew of the Broadway musical "Rock of Ages" and hundreds of inspired New Yorkers have broken the world record for the largest air guitar ensemble.

A representative from Guinness World Records counted 810 air guitarists after Wednesday's matinee performance at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. That beats the previous world record of 440 people.

William Ocean, the 2007 National Air Guitar champion, taught the audience how to play the air guitar.

The group rocked out to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" for 2 minutes, 34 seconds

Edy’s Launches Recession Ice Cream
Layoffs, bankruptcies and the economy have many people screaming.
One company is hoping they’ll be screaming for ice cream.

Banking on consumers’ willingness to shell out a few dollars for a bowlful feel-good ice cream, Edy’s has a new flavor: Red White & No More Blues. The frozen confection combines vanilla ice cream, strawberries, blueberries and a bit of recession humor.

"Dishing out smiles is core to the spirit and heritage of our ice cream,” said John Harrison, who is the official taster for Edy’s Grand Ice Cream.
"Red, White and No More Blues delivers cheer and cool relief, one scoop at a time,” Harrison said.

Cartons of the limited edition flavor sell for $5.99 at grocery stores.

It’s not the first time ice cream has made hard times a little sweeter.

In 1929, during the Great Depression, nearly all ice cream was made in three flavors — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry — and served as sundaes.

Ice cream maker Bill Dreyer added walnuts and marshmallows, cut into bite-size pieces using his wife’s sewing shears, to his chocolate ice cream, according to Edy’s.

The company claims that Dreyer and Joeseph Edy named the creation Rocky Road to give folks a smile and offer hope in tough times.

Disco Tune Saves Man’s Life

Debra Bader was taking a walk in the woods with her 53-year-old husband one morning when suddenly he collapsed. At first she thought the situation was hopeless.

"I looked at him and said, 'He's dead,' because he wasn't moving or making any sounds at all," Bader remembers. "But I pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and called 911, and then a public service announcement I'd heard on the radio popped into my head."

The one-minute PSA from the American Heart Association instructed listeners, in the event of cardiac arrest, to perform chest compressions very hard to the beat of the 1970s Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive." When someone suffers cardiac arrest, as pop singer Michael Jackson did last week, the heart stops functioning completely, and brain death begins within four to six minutes if the victim doesn't receive help.

"I sang the song and gave directions to the EMTs at the same time. It was like, 'Stayin' alive, stayin' alive -- take a right here, take a left here -- Stayin' alive, stayin' alive -- take this path down here -- Stayin' alive, stayin' alive,' " Bader remembers.

For 15 minutes Bader, who had never taken a CPR class, pumped her husband's chest until the ambulance arrived and the EMTs delivered a shock to his heart with a defibrillator. Christopher Bader survived, but 95 percent of people who go into cardiac arrest die before they get to the hospital.

Bader says doctors at the hospital where her husband was treated have an alternative song. "They told me they do CPR to 'Another One Bites the Dust,' which also has about 100 beats per minute," Bader says. "Doctors have kind of a dark sense of humor."

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