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Today is Roasted Chicken Day, commemorating the day in 1993 when Kentucky deleted the Fried from its Chicken and introduced the Colonel’s Rotisserie Gold roasted chicken. I think the late Colonel rolled over in his bucket when he heard this!

Today is Honda Civic Day, marking the debut of the popular car on this date in 1972.
Today is M&Ms Argument Day, a day to discuss which is best, Plain, Peanut, or Almond.
1990: The Rotary Club in Oliver, British Columbia, baked history’s largest cherry pie: 20 feet in diameter, 37,740 pounds 10 ounces. Since July is also National Ice Cream month I wonder if they served it ala’mode?

Baseball's Pete Rose was born on this day in 1941. Odds are six to one he can't blow out all the candles with one puff.

The tape measure was patented on this date in 1868. The tape measure actually comes in two sizes: Regular size for measuring most things, and Extra-Large size for measuring things like Shaquille O'Neill.


Free Mocha Mondays at McDonalds now through August 3rd.!

CIA Program Killed
The CIA is scrapping a program designed to find and kill al Qaeda terrorists. The White House wants the agency to focus more time and energy finding finding something even more elusive in America today -- jobs.

Obama the Sportscaster
President Obama will join the TV broadcasters for an inning or two at Tuesday night's All-Star Game. Of course the game is being broadcast by FOX, so the president is refusing to speak to any commentators without getting a helmet and protective gear first.

What a Way to Go!
A New Jersey man has died after falling into a vat of chocolate. There is no solid evidence of foul play, but police are holding Willie Wonka for questioning.

Apparently, there are rumors out there that Osama Bin Laden is hiding out in a hotel in Pakistan.

Signs You're Staying At The Same Hotel As Osama Bin Laden

He's registered under the name Osama bin Johnson
Sign on the door reads: do not disturb, infidel pig dog
Clumps of camel hair in the jacuzzi
Guy in the room next door keeps shouting, "Death to overpriced minibar snacks!"
Main ballroom is booked for the 9th Annual Jihaddy Awards

Bernie Madoff going away for 150 years. His wife, Ruth, was left with 2 ½ million dollars. The confiscated everything. She lost her house, her car, her savings . . . it’s like being a Bernie Madoff client.

Over the weekend, North Korea test-fired several missiles — their way of say, “Iran’s not the craziest country, we are.”

Nine months into the fiscal year, the federal deficit has topped $1 trillion for the first time. The imbalance is intensifying fears about higher interest rates and inflation, and already pressuring the value of the dollar.

So I suppose you could say our government now suffers from BDD.
Budget Deficit Disorder.

In Internet news: Twitter is trying to trademark the term "Tweet". Wow -- if they succeed -- they are gonna make millions when they sue all the little birdies.

Teen Falls Down Manhole While Texting
One second a Staten Island teenager was walking down the street, the next second she was gone.

Alexa Longueira was walking down Victory Boulevard and getting ready to text-message when she fell into an open sewer manhole. Now the city is trying to figure out why the manhole was left open and unblocked.

Alexa suffered some cuts and scrapes but is otherwise OK.

He mother says workers told her they left the manhole open and unattended for just seconds while they went to fetch some cones from their truck.

The Department of Environmental Protection says it is investigating.

Alexa's mom says it doesn't matter that her daughter was text-messaging, the manhole should not have been left open. The family plans to file as lawsuit.


Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman Dedicate Maria’s BIG HOUSE

The pro-adoption ministry of Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, recently opened a six-story “healing home” for special needs orphans in China and received prominent coverage from a number of Chinese media outlets.

“The day after the grand opening, the morning news and the evening news covered it with stories,” exclaimed Mary Beth on Friday.

“God is so good. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it has been. Definitely bittersweet at times, but beauty is going to rise from our personal tragedy,” she added, referring to the death of one of her daughters last year.

Maria’s Big House, named in honor of the Chapman’s youngest daughter, officially opened this past Thursday in the presence of national and local government officials.
The 60,000 square foot building, located in Luoyang, China, will be dedicated to saving the lives of special needs orphans in China and has so far transitioned in 40 children with room for about 90 more, according to a report by Mary Beth on Friday.

Most of the children will transition in groups from the state-run Luoyang city orphanage, which takes care of nearly 700 children from all around the Henan province, where Luoyang is located. With a population of approximately six million, the Henan province is one of the poorest provinces in all of China.

According to Show Hope, the ministry co-founded by the Chapmans in 2003, the children that Maria’s Big House of Hope will be taking in – all five years old or younger – are among the most ill of Luoyang’s orphans and also include those from other areas who are in desperate need for further medical care, which the facility has been equipped to provide.

At full capacity, Maria’s Big House of Hope will have 190 nurses and nannies on staff and 128 beds available.

The building has a floor for children who have been through surgery, recovered, and awaiting adoption; two floors for children with long-term chronic care who are not healthy enough to survive on their own or in the state-run orphanage; a floor dedicated to hospice care for children who are terminally ill; a floor for children coming in from all over China to stay before and after surgery; and a floor for long-term staff and visiting medical physicians.

The fourth floor also offers an intensive care area, emergency room, and isolation room.

Our Open House ... was just more evidence of what an incredible thing God is doing,” he reported.

Mary Beth expressed similar sentiments when she and her team from Tennessee witnessed last week’s grand opening.

“We really felt the spirit of God there as we stood there in front of Maria's Big House and dedicated it back to Him and in honor of Maria, who was a special needs orphan herself,” Mary Beth reflected the day after the grand opening.

Mommy Blogs Are Becoming BIG Money Makers

There are the free trips to Sea World and Disney World and free hotels and car rentals, not to mention the free products that pour in through the mail every day.

Turns out, being a mommy blogger can really pay off. By some estimates, there are as many as ten thousand mommy blogs on the Internet now. They share advice on everything from baby care and parenting to the best burp cloths or strollers. And as these blogs have evolved over the past few years, many have now become minibusinesses with little oversight by the government.

Colleen Padilla is the mother of two behind, a product review site she started from her house in suburban Philadelphia just for fun.

Her front room is filled with free products she's gotten in recent days. There's the new Nintendo Wii right in front. Toys and baby products are stacked up three feet high. Her freezer is filled with microwave meals from Healthy Choice.

Padilla never expected or asked for any of it. But after she'd been blogging on her own for a little while about the products she used and liked, her mailbox started to fill. First it was mom inventors sending products. But then larger and larger companies started sending her things for free

Padilla is paid by Energizer to be "an official online brand advocate" for their rechargeable batteries. Better Homes and Gardens paid her to make over her kitchen. And a blog about her son drinking chocolate milk turns out to be "sponsored by Healthy Choice."

Do You Cat Lovers Control Your Cats or Do Your Cats Control You?
If you've ever wondered who's in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It's your cat.

Household cats exercise this control with a certain type of urgent-sounding, high-pitched meow, according to the findings.

This meow is actually a purr mixed with a high-pitched cry. While people usually think of cat purring as a sign of happiness, some cats make this purr-cry sound when they want to be fed. The study showed that humans find these mixed calls annoying and difficult to ignore.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - He lives in a pineapple under the sea but has fans in more than 170 countries, a theme-park ride and is one of the best-connected celebrities in the world.

Now cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants is celebrating his 10th anniversary on television, a major milestone for any star. His creators are still mystified at his lofty status as an global pop culture icon who counts U.S. President Barack Obama, actor Johnny Depp and singer David Bowie among his friends.

It has been a surreal, goofy journey for the talking yellow sponge from Bikini Bottom, his pink starfish friend Patrick and greedy employer Mr. Krabs.

But SpongeBob's naive optimism, the show's humor and even a brief controversy over his sexuality have merited celebrations this week ranging from a 10th anniversary documentary to the unveiling of the first-ever wax figure of an animation character at Madame Tussauds in New York.

Few behind SpongeBob's July 1999 debut on children's TV network Nickelodeon expected him to win as many hearts as he has.

President Obama named SpongeBob his favorite TV character, telling TV Guide in 2007 it was "the show I watch with my daughters." Depp and Bowie are among the celebrities who have lent their voices to guest characters over the years, thanks mostly to their children.

Comedians Robin Williams, Will Ferrell and Ricky Gervais will appear as themselves in a one-hour anniversary special to be broadcast in the United States in the fall.

Five Neat and Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Every Day!

You know that friend, the one who is always tapping her leg, getting up to straighten the bookshelf, the one who generally just can’t sit still? She’s likely burning an extra 200 to 300 calories a day on top of any workouts she does or the amount of calories she burns just being alive. This process is neatly called NEAT, which stands for “NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis” (say that 5 times fast!), and it’s essential for successful weight loss. Basically, it’s the extra stuff you do, physically, all day long that adds up. Make a point to add more “neat” into your day and you can zap another 500 calories! Here are a few ideas:

Do crunches in bed: You could burn about 20 calories in under 5 minutes just by drawing your knees to your chest 25 to 50 times, plus it strengthens your abs and gets your blood pumping.

Dance around while getting dressed: Turn up the radio or listen to upbeat music on your iPod (if you can) while doing all your morning rituals—an hour of hip shakin’ can burn about 55 calories.

Stand up! Don’t sit when you can be on your feet—you’ll burn about 40% more calories. So just take a stand—when you’re on the phone, watching kids at the playground, making small talk at a party.

Laugh: Watch something that’s consistently funny (like 30 Rock) and you could burn about 40 calories if you guffaw for 10 to 15 minutes straight.

Walk, pace, jog down the hall: In other words, MOVE! Doing little bits of activity all day—taking the stairs to use the restroom on another floor at work, doing an extra lap around the grocery store—can help you burn an additional 375 calories a day!

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