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One of world’s best kayakers has just set an unofficial new world record.
The Daily Mail says 22-year-old Montana native TYLER BRADT just took his kayak over Palouse (puh-loose) Falls in eastern Washington state. That’s a 186-foot drop! The fall itself only took about 4-seconds, but Bradt reached speeds of around 100 miles-per-hour.

The only injury he suffered was a sprained wrist and a broken paddle. The record is expected to be confirmed by the Guinness Book soon. The previous world record was set just a few weeks ago by PEDRO OLIVIA when he plunged 127-feet over a waterfall in Brazil. You can watch the video on YouTube…..


What Can Blue M & Ms Do For Spinal Cord Injuries?

The food dye that gives blue M&Ms their colour can help mend spinal injuries, researchers have claimed after tests on rats.

The compound Brilliant Blue G blocks a chemical that kills healthy spinal cord cells around the damaged area - an event that often causes more irreversible damage than the original injury.

BBG not only reduced the size of the lesion but also improved the recovery of motor skills, the rodent tests showed.

Those treated with BBG were later able to walk, although with a limp. Rats that did not receive the BBG solution never regained the ability to walk.

On the downside, the treatment causes the skin to temporarily turn bright blue and BBG needs to be injected soon after the trauma. The test injections were given within 15 minutes.

More tests will be needed to prove the safety of BBG before human clinical trials can begin.

But researchers are optimistic new treatments for acute spinal cord injuries could emerge in the next few years.

FAITH GYM Opens in the MidWest

BARBERTON, OHIO: The doors of the old church at Third Street Northwest and Paige Avenue have reopened, but for a different kind of congregation.

The building now houses Faith Gym, offering hope for a different kind of resurrection of the body.

Barberton developer Al Horvath of Ohio Realty Consultants Inc. converted the abandoned church along Lake Anna into a fitness center for everyone from the beginner, who has never exercised to the competitive athlete.

Horvath, 41, calls himself a ''small-time developer'' and a ''risk taker,'' with an ''all-or-nothing mentality.''

This is the eighth building Horvath has remodeled in downtown Barberton. Some of the other businesses include a coffee shop, barber shop, flower shop, Lake Anna After Dark night club and the 42nd Step Party Center.

He said he knew exactly what he wanted to do with the building when he bought it in 2005. The building was for sale after the former Moore Memorial United Methodist Church merged with another Methodist church and moved out.

Horvath said he has been working on the project as money became available. He has spent just under $1 million.

It was important, Horvath said, to keep the building's religious theme. The original stained-glass windows, installed when the church was built in 1892, remain.

He added the murals painted on the ceiling in the main lobby area depicting familiar Bible story figures, including Noah's Ark, Sampson and Delilah, Adam and Eve and David and Goliath.

Bible verses and other sayings having to do with the word ''faith'' adorn the walls of the second-floor hallway.

The cross on the altar also was kept and moved to the wall of a stairwell.
Obviously, some changes were required.

The pews — donated to a church in Kentucky gutted by fire — have been replaced with rows of workout equipment.

Horvath created a Superman theme for the former sanctuary area. A Superman figure opening his shirt and displaying the big ''S'' stands in the forefront of a telephone booth when you first enter the main room.

Membership is $35 per month.

Support Site For Pastors’ Wives

PoWeR— the Pastors' Wives Resources website provides resources for the parsonage family. It is also a place where you will find a common bond with those who constantly face the joy and challenges of parsonage life They even want you to submit your stories and experiences and welcome pastors to visit as well!

Texting While Driving More Dangerous For Truckers

Truckers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to crash or get into a near-wreck than an undistracted driver, while car drivers face the greatest danger when dialing their cell phones, a transportation study found.

"From the study that we did, we found that it was almost five seconds out of a six-second window that we were looking at that the driver's eyes were off the forward roadway, so that's a tremendous amount of time driving at highway speeds and a lot of opportunity in that period of time to get into trouble."

If a highway driver takes his eyes off the road for even 4.6 seconds, it "equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 mph without looking at the roadway."

Because of the increased dangers associated with cell phone use while driving, the Virginia institute suggests that drivers avoid using phones while driving, even if they are communicating with a hands-free phone, which lessens risk, the news release said.

Researchers also recommend that newly licensed teen drivers not use phones while driving and that texting be banned.


If you have teenage or tween-aged girls in your household, you have no doubt heard of the Jonas Brothers. Even if you don’t have musical girls with talent in your household, the Jonas Brothers’ popularity is such that you probably know who they are. But, there may be some things you don’t know about them.

Kevin, Joe & Nick Jonas are coming to St. Louis Tuesday, July 28 to the Scottrade Center. If you don’t have your tickets yet, there may still be some available.

The Jonas Brothers are well known for their Disney connection & have made movies and recordings. But, did you know that they were homeschooled in a Christian household, have written Christian praise music, wear purity rings & know firsthand what Type I diabetes is like? Or, did you know that the oldest brother, Kevin – age 21, just announced his engagement to marry his girlfriend. Jonas Brother’s mother, Denise, gave an interview earlier this year with Homeschool.com blog. In the interview, she answers pointed questions directed about homeschooling. If you miss the Jonas Brothers’ concert or are looking for some more high energy music with a Christian message, don’t miss Rock The River, touring up the Mississippi River. It will be in St. Louis on August 2 at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Rock The River is a Billy (and his son, Franklin) Graham ministry. The event begins at 2:30-9:30 with the grounds opening at 1:00. It is a free event. Bring lawnchairs or blankets. Plan on hearing some great performers. Included are: Flyleaf, Kirk Franklin, Red, Canton Jones, Hawk Nelson, Lecrae, Skillet & action sports JSAW.

For an even more enjoyable time, get a group of homeschoolers together to attend either event – or both. You’re sure to be more than entertained. In the case of the Jonas Brothers, you will be encouraged to watch the rewards and results of homeschooling in a Christian family. In the case of Rock The River, you’re sure to be inspired to continue living a pure and powerful life or to make desirable changes in the way you currently live that will be sure to impact those who are important to you in your family and friends.

Who are some famous home schooled kids? The list is quite impressive!

John Adams
• John Quincy Adams
• Grover Cleveland
• James Garfield
• William Henry Harrison
• Andrew Jackson
• Thomas Jefferson
• Abraham Lincoln
• James Madison
• Franklin Delano Roosevelt
• Theodore Roosevelt
• John Tyler
• George Washington
• Woodrow Wilson
• Konrad Adenauer
• Henry Fountain Ashurst
• William Jennings Bryan
• Winston Churchill
• Henry Clay
• Pierre du Pont
• Benjamin Franklin
• Alexander Hamilton
• Patrick Henry
• William Penn
• Daniel Webster
Military Leaders
• John Barry - Senior Navy Officer
• Stonewall Jackson - Civil War General
• John Paul Jones - Father of the American Navy
• Robert E. Lee - Civil War General
• Douglas MacArthur - U.S. General
• George Patton - U.S. General
• Matthew Perry - naval officer who opened up trade with Japan
• John Pershing - U.S. General
• David Dixon Porter - Civil War Admiral
U.S. Supreme Court Judges
• John Jay
• John Marshall
• John Rutledge
• Sandra Day O'Connor
• George Washington Carver
• Pierre Curie
• Albert Einstein
• Michael Faraday - electrochemist
• Oliver Heaviside - physicist and electromagnetism researcher
• T.H. Huxley
• Blaise Pascal
• Booker T. Washington
• Erik Demaine - Popular Science Mag: One of the Most Brilliant Scientists in America
• William Blake
• John Singleton Copley
• Claude Monet
• Grandma Moses
• Charles Peale
• Leonardo da Vinci
• Andrew Wyeth
• Jamie Wyeth
Religious Leaders
• Joan of Arc
• William Carey
• Jonathan Edwards
• Philipp Melancthon
• Dwight L. Moody
• John Newton
• John Owen
• Hudson Taylor
• John & Charles Wesley
• Brigham Young
• Alexander Graham Bell - invented the telephone
• John Moses Browning - firearms inventor and designer
• Peter Cooper - invented skyscraper, built first U.S. commercial locomotive
• Thomas Edison - invented the stock ticker, mimeograph, phonograph, and perfected the electric light bulb
• Benjamin Franklin - invented the lightning rod
• Elias Howe - invented sewing machine
• William Lear - airplane creator
• Cyrus McCormick - invented grain reaper
• Guglielmo Marconi - developed radio
• Eli Whitney - invented the cotton gin
• Sir Frank Whittle - invented turbo jet engine
• Orville and Wilbur Wright - built the first successful airplane
• Irving Berlin
• Anton Bruckner
• Noel Coward
• Felix Mendelssohn
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
• Francis Poulenc
• John Philip Sousa
• Hans Christian Anderson
• Margaret Atwood
• Pearl S. Buck
• William F. Buckley, Jr.
• Willa Cather
• Agatha Christie
• Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
• Charles Dickens
• Robert Frost - Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
• Charlotte Perkins Gilman
• Alex Haley
• Brett Harte
• L. Ron Hubbard
• C.S. Lewis
• Amy Lowell
• Gabriela Mistral
• Sean O'Casey
• Christopher Paolini - author of #1 NY Times bestseller, Eragon
• Isabel Paterson
• Beatrix Potter - author of the beloved Peter Rabbit Tales
• Carl Sandburg
• George Bernard Shaw
• Mattie J. T. Stepanek - 11-year-old author of Heartsongs
• Mercy Warren
• Phillis Wheatley
• Walt Whitman
• Laura Ingalls Wilder
• Amos Bronson Alcott - innovative teacher, father of Louisa May Alcott
• Catharine Beecher - co-founder of the Hartford Female Seminary
• Jill Ker Conway - first woman president of Smith College
• Timothy Dwight - President of Yale University
• William Samuel Johnson - President of Columbia College
• Horace Mann - "Father of the American Common School"
• Charlotte Mason - Founder of Charlotte Mason College of Education
• Fred Terman - President of Stanford University
• Frank Vandiver - President of Texas A&M University
• Booker T. Washington - Founder of Tuskegee Institute
• John Witherspoon - President of Princeton University
Performing Artists
• Louis Armstrong - king of jazz
• Charlie Chaplin - actor
• Whoopi Goldberg - actress
• Hanson - sibling singing group
• Jennifer Love Hewitt - actress
• Yehudi Menuhin - child prodigy violinist
• Moffatts - Canadian version of Hanson
• Frankie Muniz - child actor
• LeAnne Rimes - teen-prodigy country music singer
• Barlow Girl - Alyssa, Rebecca, and Lauren Contemporary Christian Music
• Jonas Brothers - Kevin, Joe, and Nick Performers
• Jacob Clemente - Broadway Actor

Business Entrepreneurs
• Andrew Carnegie - wealthy steel industrialist
• Amadeo Giannini - Bank of America’s founder
• Horace Greeley - New York Tribune founder
• Soichiro Honda - creator of the Honda automobile company
• Peter Kindersley - book illustrator and publisher
• Ray Kroc - founder of McDonald's fast food restaurant chain
• Jimmy Lai - newspaper publisher; founder of Giordano International
• Dr. Orison Swett Marden - founder, Success magazine
• Adolph Ochs - New York Times founder
• Joseph Pulitzer - newspaper publisher; established Pulitzer Prize
• Colonel Harland Sanders - started Kentucky Fried Chicken
• Dave Thomas - founder of the Wendy’s restaurant chain
• Mariah Witcher - founder of Mariahs Famous Cookies
• Daniel Mills - founder of Salem Ridge Press

• Abigail Adams - Wife of John Adams; mother of John Quincy Adams
• Ansel Adams - Photographer
• Susan B. Anthony - reformer and women’s rights leader
• John James Audubon - ornithologist and artist
• Clara Barton - Started the Red Cross
• Elizabeth Blackwell - first woman in the U.S. to receive a medical degree
• John Burroughs - Naturalist
• George Rogers Clark - Explorer
• Davy Crockett - frontiersman
• Eric Hoffer - social philosopher
• Sam Houston - lawyer; first president of the Republic of Texas
• Charles Evans Hughes - jurist; Chief Justice
• Mary D. Leakey - fossil hunter; wife of Richard Leakey
• Tamara McKinney - World Cup Skier
• Harriet Martineau - first woman sociologist
• Margaret Mead - cultural anthropologist
• John Stuart Mill - Free-market Economist
• Charles Louis Montesquieu - Philosopher
• John Muir - naturalist
• Florence Nightingale - Nurse
• Thomas Paine - political writer during the American Revolution
• Bill Ridell - Newspaperman
• Will Rogers - Humorist
• Bertrand Russell - Logician
• Jim Ryan - World Runner
• Albert Schweitzer - Physician
• Sir Ernest Shackleton - Explorer
• Herbert Spencer - philosopher, sociologist
• Gloria Steinem - founder and long-time editor of Ms. magazine
• Jason Taylor - plays in the National Football League
• Mary Walker - Civil War physician; recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor
• Lester Frank Ward - "Father of American Sociology"
• Martha Washington - wife of George Washington
• Frances E. C. Willard - educator, temperance leader, and suffragist
• Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect
• Elijah ben Solomon Zalman - Jewish scholar
• Balaram Stack - Award winning Surfer
• Lia Del Priore - Award Winning Gymnast
• Taylor Gladstone - Ballerina

Famous Homeschool Parents
Will Smith - singer, actor
• Michael Card - singer, songwriter
• Mike Farris - lawyer and co-founder of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
• Robert Frost - Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
• Christopher Klicka - attorney and Senior Counsel of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
• Len Munsil - attorney and President of The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)
• Paul Overstreet - musician, songwriter
• Kelly Preston - actress, wife of John Travolta
• Mike Smith - lawyer and co-founder of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
• John Travolta - actor, pilot
• Lisa Whelchel - former actress, "The Facts of Life", now a pastor's wife and author
• Darrell Waltrip - NASCAR Racer
• John Travolta - actor, pilot

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