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Today is Halfway Point of 2009. At noon today, the first half of 2009 (182½ days) will be gone. Optimists will quickly realize they have 182½ days left.

Today is I Forgot Day, a day to make up for all the birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations you forgot during the first half of the year.

Today is Be Nice to People You Don't Like Day.

Today is National Try to Find Your Slinky Day.

Nostradamus died on this day in 1566. Nostra was the great prophet who annually got all the other prophets together to share their prophecies. And this was history's first system of prophet-sharing.

1982: Larry Walters flew a lawn chair to 16,000 feet over San Pedro, California. He had tied 42 helium-filled weather balloons to the chair. He even made it back down safely.

1988: Rick Krause became the world champion cherry pit spitter in Eau Claire, Michigan, with a record spit of 72 feet 7.5 inches.

1992: The one-millionth Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the assembly line.


Karl Malden Dead
“The family of Karl Malden says the actor who won an Oscar for his role in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' has died at age 97. He made his screen debut in the 1940 movie 'They Knew What They Wanted,' and was praised for his role as Mitch in the 1951 classic 'A Streetcar Named Desire.'" He and his wife Mona (who survives him) were married 70 years!

California Screamin'
The state of California has still not balanced its budget, and it will now have to print and issue IOU's. In a related story, California can't afford to pay for the millions of dollars it will cost to print and issue IOU's

There May Have Been A Better Way to Handle This
Police said a Florida man charged with domestic battery allegedly sprayed his wife with a garden hose for smoking in the house. The police report of the incident said the victim arrived at her Jensen Beach home while smoking a cigarette. Her husband yelled at her about smoking in the house and sprayed her with a hose.

Have you ever overreacted with your spouse in an argument? What have you done?

Top Paying Jobs For Women
Women are flocking to the labor force in record numbers. Nearly 60% sought or occupied employment in 2008, the latest year for which statistics are available, representing 46.5% of the total U.S. labor force. More than one-third of these women worked in management, professional and related occupations, accounting for 51% of all workers in this top-paying sector.

1. A Pharmacist $86,000 annually
2. Chief Executives $83,000
3. Lawyers $78,000
4. Computer Software Engineers $70,000
5. Computer & Information Systems Managers $65,500

Apple’s New iPhone Is So Hot … It Turns Pink
The problem appears to particularly affect the white handsets of Apple's new turbo-charged device, which is twice as fast as its predecessor, the iPhone 3G, and boasts an improved camera and the ability to record video.

Dozens of users have reported overheating issues, with some iPhone owners unable to pick up the device because the handset gets so hot. Owners of the white iPhone 3GS say the casing turns pink with the heat.

Some users have said the device has been too hot to put to their ear while making a phone call. The overheating seems to occur when owners are using the iPhone's mapping software, which uses the handset's built-in GPS technology to pinpoint their location and provide directions.

Is Missouri The Fattest State In the Union?
Mississippi's still king of cellulite, but an ominous tide is rolling toward the Medicare doctors in neighboring Alabama: obese baby boomers. It's time for the nation's annual obesity rankings and, outside of fairly lean Colorado, there's little good news. In 31 states, more than one in four adults are obese, says a new report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

And obesity rates among adults rose in 23 states over the past year, and no state experienced a significant decline

Following Alabama, Michigan ranks No. 2 with fat boomers; 36 percent of its 55- to 64-year-olds are obese. Colorado has the lowest rate, 21.8 percent.

A patriotic potato salad can be made a day ahead, leaving plenty of time for you to enjoy the fireworks this Fourth of July.

The white in this salad comes from the potatoes and the dressing made from a combination of light mayonnaise, a little olive oil and thick Greek-style yogurt. We are, after all, a melting pot of nationalities.

Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

Serves 8
2 to 2½ pounds new potatoes some with red skins, some with white and blue if available.
½ cup sliced water chestnuts or 1/2 cup thinly sliced celery
½ cup diced sweet onion
¼ cup sweet pickle relish
One large red bell pepper roasted, peeled and cut in strips ½-inch by 1½ inches.
2 ounces or more blue cheese, crumbled or cut in chunks
1/3 cup Greek-style yogurt
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup light mayonnaise
½ teaspoon garlic salt

→To prepare potatoes, wash and scrub potatoes. Cook with peeling intact by steaming or submerging in water. Cook about 20 minutes or until tender. Let cool and peel if desired. Slice ¼-inch thick or dice into ½- to ¾-inch chunks. Add water chestnuts or celery, diced onion and relish. Mix with potatoes and keep refrigerated.

→To roast pepper, place the peppers on a foil-covered baking sheet under the broiler in an electric oven. Turn them until each side is blackened. Once charred, move the peppers into a sealable plastic bag. After about 15 minutes, you will be able to remove the peeling using the paper toweling inside the bag. You also can roast peppers over an open flame on a gas stove, holding with tongs until the char is achieved.

→To make the dressing, combine yogurt, oil, mayonnaise and garlic salt. Whisk together until well-blended. Fold dressing into potato mixture with prepared red pepper strips until well coated. Cover and chill until ready to serve.

→Cook’s notes: This potato salad is a keeper and can be served with or without the blue cheese. Blue potatoes are fun to include in the potato mixture but not vital to the salad if you plan to use the blue cheese. All white potatoes may be used if others cannot be found. Just serve the salad in a blue bowl if you decide to ditch the blue cheese and blue potatoes. Roasted red peppers can be found prepared in cans or jars. You can add them raw or use red grape tomatoes instead. The tomatoes make a pretty garnish, as well.

→This potato salad keeps well in the refrigerator for up to 3 days and is great for picnics. There are no eggs in the salad.

→Source: Inspired by a recipe from Whole Foods Market.

Sarah Palin Listens To Christian Music When She is Running
Alaska governor and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin might be saving her best stuff for her forthcoming book, but she opened up to "Runner's World" magazine.

She grew up in a family of runners, she said, and runs even when Alaska's temperatures are 20 or 30 below zero. When she listens to music, she plays old Van Halen and AC/DC.

"I have a nice routine: I kick off my runs with the old Van Halen and AC/DC, then I get into my country music, then I always wrap it up with a couple mellow Amy Grant songs," Palin said.

She talked about a memorable run during the campaign:

"I like running alone and having the Secret Service with me added a little bit of pressure. I'm thinking I gotta have good form and can't be hyperventilating and can't be showing too much pain and that adds a little more pressure on you as you're trying to be out there enjoying your run. Then I fell coming down a hill and was so stinkin' embarrassed that a golf cart full of Secret Service guys had to pull up beside me. My hands just got torn up and I was dripping blood. In the debate you could see a big fat ugly Band-Aid on my right hand. I have a nice war wound now as a reminder of that fall in the palm of my right hand. For much of the campaign, shaking hands was a little bit painful."

The Iowa State Fair Will Honor MJ With A Statue of Him Made Out Of Butter

Iowa State Fair organizers announced Tuesday that they will have a statue of Michael Jackson made of butter. The sculpture will be on display along with the annual butter cow, a popular attraction at the event.

Both will be in a 40-degree cooler throughout the fair from Aug. 13 to 23 in Des Moines.

Fair organizers say the butter sculpture is a tribute to the pop icon who died at the age of 50.

Jackson performed at the fair twice with the Jackson Five in 1971.

This Little Piggy WILL NOT Be Going to Market

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - This pig wasn't dubbed the 'ham on the lam' by its local newspaper for nothing.

An 800-pound hog that survived on its own for a week after a truck flipped while on its way to a slaughterhouse has surfaced in a swimming pool at a home near the crash site.

LeAnn Baldy, whose house is only yards from Interstate 430, said Monday she noticed her pool was suddenly overflowing and then saw the immersed pig, which was having a drink in the pool.

About 90 hogs were in the trailer when it overturned where I-430 meets I-40, and about 60 survived. Officials said they thought the last of them had been caught.
Baldy said she found a farmer to take in the pig.

A spokesman for Odom's Tennessee Pride said it can't use the hog in its sausage products because no one knows what the hog had been eating in its week on the lam.

New Toy Allows You To Do Jedi Mind Trick

Later this summer, anybody anywhere will have the ability to physically move stuff with their minds like characters do in "Star Wars." No joke.

A new toy that harnesses the same technology doctors use to monitor brain waves will arrive in stores in August. The toy moves when it senses a change in the user's brain-wave patterns.

"It's pretty cutting-edge," says Frank Adler, executive vice president of Uncle Milton Industries, the toy company that manufactures the "Star Wars"-branded Force Trainer. "It certainly appears to be where things are headed."

It will be if the reaction from 5-year-old "Star Wars" fanatic Ryan Mogg is any indication. Mogg tried out the Force Trainer at a recent "Star Wars" toy fair.

In less than a minute, he was controlling the rise and fall of a pingpong ball in a clear tube — with his brain waves.

"It's like what Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul do!" he said afterward with a big grin.

What kind of tea did the American colonists thirst for?

What would you get if you crossed a patriot with a small curly-haired dog?
Yankee Poodle!

70,000 Bees and 40 Pounds of Honey Removed From Kansas Church

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