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Today is Friday - June 19, 2009

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Nibble on one of these 10 high-carb calmers an hour before bedtime. You'll be yawning in no time.

1. Half of a whole-wheat English muffin or raisin bagel drizzled with honey
2. Two cups of air-popped popcorn
3. A small slice of angel food cake topped with berries
4. A frozen whole-wheat waffle, toasted, with maple syrup
5. Half a cup of pretzels
6. Fresh strawberries dunked in a little fat-free chocolate syrup
7. Half a cup of pasta topped with marinara sauce
8. A 4-ounce baked potato topped with salsa
9. A handful of oyster crackers and a piece of fruit
10. Canned mandarin oranges sprinkled with crystallized ginger

The benefits of sleep go well beyond good moods and lots of energy. Getting six to eight hours of sleep a night can make your Real Age as much as three years younger.


On Friday (Jun. 12) Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law a bill passed by the Missouri Legislature that will extend benefits for unemployed Missourians. An estimated 35,000 Missourians could benefit from this extension. Approximately 15,000 Missourians will exhaust their current unemployment benefits between April and June of 2009 alone.

Missouri workers currently qualify for a maximum of fifty-nine weeks of unemployment compensation drawn from combined state and federal Unemployment Insurance funds. Due to the recession, many workers have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits, but have still been unable to find employment.

The new law allows workers to collect extended benefits in states with high unemployment levels. It provides thirteen more weeks when the state unemployment rate exceeds 6.5 percent and an additional seven weeks when unemployment exceeds 8 percent. Missouri’s unemployment rate was 8.1 percent in April, the most recent data available.

The bill passed by the Missouri Legislature and signed by Governor Nixon allows the state to take advantage of federal funds to provide benefits to Missouri’s unemployed workers. It could bring as much as sixty-five million dollars in federal support.

Persons currently unemployed, or those whose benefits have expired since February 22, are eligible for extended benefits and will receive a letter from the Missouri Department of Labor. For assistance in filing their claims, Missourians can contact the Department’s regional claim center in their area.

Contact information for the Regional Claim Centers (RCC) is below, and can also be found at:

Jefferson City RCC

Local Calling Area: 573-751-9040

Outside Local Calling Area: 800-320-2519

Kansas City RCC

The latest iPhone is released today.

(FRI) This new iPhone comes with an app that points at the nearest person who owns and old iPhone -- and makes laughing noises. I’m beginning to think my bag phone is out of style.

By now you heard: Hillary Clinton broke her elbow. She was on her way to the White House when she slipped. This is not the first time things have worked out bad for Hillary while she was trying to elbow her way into the White House.

Experts say unrest in Iran could spread throughout the entire Middle East. That would be a shame -- if a calm, peaceful region like the Middle East ends up being restless and jittery.

In Ohio, a woman robbed three banks in 30 minutes. That's very impressive. And it proves American productivity is still right up there with the best.

A Chinese tobacco company has a new line of cigarettes with
added caffeine. That's right, they put caffeine in cigarettes. They say it helps you stay awake while you're coughing.

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