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Today is National Feed the Ducks Day

Today is National Nursing Assistants Day and the beginning of National Nursing Assistants Week.

Today is National German Chocolate Cake Day.

Today is American Idol Day. The TV show debuted on Fox on this date in 2002. First American Idol was Kelly Clarkson.

The annual 4-day Superman Celebration begins today in Metropolis, Illinois

The late French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau was born on this date in 1910. Tonight my family will honor his memory at the local supermarket—and release everything in the lobster tank. Do you think Jacques first childhood game love was “Go Fish”?

Philosopher Roger Bacon died on this day in 1292. He was cremated. And when his ashes were scattered to the wind, some of them landed on a farmer's lunch. And this farmer ate the very first tomato, lettuce, and Bacon sandwich.

The Trojan War ended on this day in 1184 B.C. Helen of Troy was immortalized as the "face that launched a thousand ships." The Greeks were able to launch so many ships because, in those days, there weren't any liberals cutting the military budget.

1982: Director Steven Spielberg introduced his classic science-fiction film, "E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial." The knee-high creature won the hearts of Americans with his one-syllable speech patterns. Although it didn't work for Ross Perot.

1993: Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park premiered.

2004: The nation said goodbye to former President Ronald Reagan at a televised funeral service in Washington, D.C., followed hours later by a hilltop burial ceremony in California.


Thought for the Day. If a family has no teenager, how do they ever know when they're doing something wrong? Our son is home from college and it amazes me that we have survived for the past nine months without him being around!

This is what we are suppose tobe doing during the month of June around the house. How many of these things have you done? I actually have done a few of them..but not all!

• Clean and seal decks. Ideally, you'll need three consecutive warm, sunny days. On day one, dry out the deck. Apply deck cleaner and scrub the deck on the second day and let it dry 24 hours. On the third day, apply deck sealer.
• Hire a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean chimneys. Doing this task now instead of the fall allows plenty of time for repairs before the next heating season. It's also easier to schedule a sweep. Learn more...
• Wash the exterior of your house, using ordinary garden hose pressure and a mild detergent. Beware of the pressure washers -- they are powerful enough to force water under the siding where it may encourage mildew and rot.
• Caulk exterior joints around window and doors. Learn more about caulking and weatherstripping here.
• Clean lint from the entire clothes dryer vent system, from the dryer to the exterior vent cap.
• Inspect and repair or repaint all patio and deck furniture.
• Check operation of attic fans and roof-mounted turbine vents.


Vick Bankruptcy
A federal judge in Virginia has told Michael Vick that he has less than a month to draft a new plan for getting out of bankruptcy. The judge also told Vick he needs to come up with something other than a proposed dog-walking business.

New iPhone
Apple has unveiled a new iPhone that the company says is a perfect fit for this economy. Not only is it half the price of the old iPhone, it has a special application that shows you where you can cash your unemployment check.

Late Night Teens
A new study shows teens whose parents let them stay up after midnight have a much higher chance of being depressed or suicidal... especially those who watch Jimmy Kimmel.

Dunkin Donuts has announced a new donut flavor called, “Toffee for your Coffee.”

British singing sensation Susan Boyle will visit America next month. Have you seen this lady? When she flies into the U.S. -- it's gonna take airport security guards two hours to frisk her eyebrows.

NORMAN BRINKER has died. Few know who this man is but he changed the meaning of casual dining out.

Brinker started out as a busboy in a restaurant and eventually got involved in fast food, but decide to branch out. In 1966, with just $15-thousand, he opened the Steak & Ale, which grew into 109 restaurants, and became the model for all chain restaurants to follow, from Sizzler's to Chili's. In fact, Brinker transformed Chili's from 21 hamburger joints into a publicly traded restaurant behemoth we know today. When he retired in 2000, he had built over a thousand casual-dining restaurants. Today, his company has 17-hundred restaurants in 27 countries.

Another of his inventions: The salad bar. Brinker was 78.

June is still the big month for weddings. Some current stats, courtesy of Marie Claire magazine:

• The average age of marriage for American women — currently 27 — has been rising steadily since the 1950s. And the average American engagement has stretched to 16 months (up from 11 months in 1990.)
• Some 2.3 million marriage licenses are issued every year in the US. And there's been a 300 percent increase in the number of marriage licenses issued annually in Las Vegas since 1970.
• 44-thousand weddings are held every weekend in the US.
• 75 percent of women in the US are married by the age of 30.
• While 27 is the average age of marriage for women in the US, for women in the UK, it's 33, and in India it's 20.

Casting continues without letup on the movie remake of the 1980s series, "The A-Team."
BRADLEY COOPER will likely be Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck and today we find out LIAM NEESON may head up the team as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith. Still no word on who'll be cast as "Howling Mad" Murdock and "B.A." ("Bad Attitude") Baracus.

Are you part of the latest rage — Twitter quitters! Thousands of people have called it quits on “tweets” because they say it takes up too much of their time and it is senseless and people are mean! I did hear yesterday that YouTube is thinking about combining efforts with Facebook and Twitter. What will they call the site: You guessed it: YOU TWIT FACE!

Survey says: American s Are Not Getting Enough Sleep
Terrific — another study says we're not getting enough sleep. This one also says we might be getting too much sleep.

Researchers at a big sleep conference in Illinois say less than seven hours is bad for you but more than nine is also bad. Why would you sleep that much? It might be that it's a red flag for some other underlying condition — physical, like sleep apnea; or mental, like depression; or you might be taking too many medications.

Why are you sleeping less? The study blames late night TV watching.

Signs you're not getting enough sleep):
• You're so fatigued, you get winded chewing gum
• Your typical lunch: coffee grounds on whole wheat
• A certain morning radio program is starting to sound entertaining

R2-D2 In the Kitchen!

TOKYO (Reuters) - They've got ones that clean, and others that pour drinks, so it was only a matter of time before Japanese inventors came up with robots that can cook.

Various prototype robo-chefs showed off their cooking skills at the International Food Machinery and Technology Expo in Tokyo this week, flipping "okonomiyaki" Japanese pancakes, serving sushi and slicing vegetables.

"We all know that robots can be very useful. We want to take that utility out of the factory so that they can be used elsewhere," said Narito Hosomi, president of Toyo Riki, manufacturers of the pancake-cooking robot.

Japan has one of the world's fastest aging societies and experts say robots can help care for the growing number of elderly, and fill in for the lack of young people willing to take on jobs as chefs, cleaners or caretakers.

Masanori Hirano of Kyoto-based robot lab Squse, which came up with an android sushi waiter, said robots could help manage the stress associated with fine dining establishments.

"If a human does this job, it can be stressful. And if so, they can leave the work to the robot," he said.

Japan is home to almost half the world's 800,000 industrial robots and expects the industry to expand to $10 billion.

Tomio Sugiura, president of Sugiura Kikai Sekkei, which manufactured the vegetable-slicing robot, saw a robot in every home in the near future.

"Nowadays, almost every family has a car. In the near future, every family would be having a humanoid robot that can help out various things at home," he said.

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