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Don't forget, June is Dairy Month

Today is Donald Duck Day, marking the cartoon duck’s debut on this day in 1934 as a bit player in the Walt Disney cartoon "The Little Wise Hen." Donald's girlfriend Daisy Duck has been waiting since 1935 for Donald to propose marriage. Daisy is a very loyal, patient, dumb duck.

In 1938 Donald's sister Dumbella gave him custody of her three sons: Huey, Louie, and Dewey.

Today is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day.

Today is National Cuddle Up Day.

Today is Profess Your Love Day.

On this day in 1877, writer Samuel Clemens confessed he stole the name "Mark Twain" from a New Orleans Picayune reporter who had been dead 14 years. Clemens said, "Since has had no further use for the name, I laid violent hands upon it without asking permission of the remains."


Stimulus Success

The White House now says that 600,000 jobs have already been created by the economic stimulus plan... most of thos jobs are going to people who are working to shut down GM and Chrysler's factories and dealerships. But hey, a job is a job, right?

Space travel makes you ugly.

A scientist in the UK believes that long-distance space travel will leave us short, fat and bald. Astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartness says that living without gravity would cause space travellers' bones and muscles not to develop properly, leaving them stunted and weak. Meanwhile, the lack of effort needed to move around in low gravity and a temperature-controlled environment would mean that "future spacemen and women are likely to become pretty chubby."

Apparently, there have been a lot of Americans traveling to space secretly,. Hmmm

100 Year Old Woman Gets A McDonald’s Birthday Party!

A Michigan woman has celebrated her 100th birthday at the same eatery she's visited regularly for the past 15 years -- McDonald's.

Georgia Boynton stopped last week at the restaurant in Brighton for her customary hamburger and coffee. Instead, she got a surprise party with cake and balloons.
Restaurant manager Irene Burelle said that when staffers realized last year that Boynton was 99 they decided to do something special for her next birthday.

They made sure family members would bring her in for her birthday last Wednesday.
Boynton told the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus that she doesn't feel 100 years old. She said her longevity secret is loving her family and being happy.

Brighton is about 35 miles northwest of Detroit.

Ten Used Cars That Seem To Last Forever

With the economy in the tank and more folks looking for these used diamonds in the rough, we compiled the following list of 'forever cars' from research, reviews from places like Edmunds and Consumer Reports, fun little anecdotes, and even our own personal experience. It's far from scientific, but neither is picking a used car. In fact it's still relatively a crap shoot, and no model carries an absolute guarantee of everlasting life, but here's a few that seem to beat the odds more than others.

1. Subaru Wagon
2. Ford F150
3. Volvos and Saab
4. Lexus
5. Toyota Four Runner and Tacoma
6. Honda Accord
7. Mitsubishi Endeavor
8. Toyota Corrola and Camry
9. BMW – 3 series
10. Prius

Women Thought Captain Crunch “Crunchberries” were Real Fruit. Now She’s Mad they aren’t!

SACRAMENTO, CA - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit from a California woman who claimed she was deceived into buying Cap'n Crunch cereal during a four-year period because she thought "Crunch Berries" were real fruit.

Janine Sugawara filed a class-action suit last June against Quaker's parent company PepsiCo, seeking full restitution of all money gained through misleading labelling and a court order forcing Quaker to provide public notice of the true composition of Crunch Berries.

In his order dismissing the lawsuit, Judge Morrison England, Jr. said "a reasonable consumer would have understood the product packaging to expressly warrant only that the product contained sweetened corn and oat cereal, which it did."

"As far as this court has been been made aware, there is no such fruit (Crunch Berries) growing in the wild or occurring naturally in any part of the world," England wrote.

In his dismissal order dated May 20, England pointed out San Diego lawyer Harold Hewell, who represents Sugawara, filed a similar suit against Fruit Loops cereal, which was also thrown out of court.

Hewell filed a new motion this week seeking an August hearing for the judge to reconsider the dismissal. Apparently, they want to consult with the Keebler Elves first.

Pastor T D Jakes’ Home Has A Natural Gas Explosion

FORT WORTH, Texas — Authorities say they are investigating a natural gas explosion at the Fort Worth, Texas, home of megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes.

Fort Worth fire spokesman Lt. Kent Worley says the blast Sunday in the sunroom of the home appears to have been an accident. Authorities say no one was injured and there was no fire. The sunroom was heavily damaged.

Jakes is pastor of The Potter's House, a Dallas megachurch.

Stronger, Faster iPhone To Hit Stores June 19th

Apple announces new version that it says is faster than current 3G
New phone will be sold starting June 19 for $199 and $299, with contract
The announcement comes at a developers conference in California
Apple exec Steve Jobs was reportedly not in attendance at the event

The 3GS has a new camera that shoots video and zooms. A touch-screen feature also lets iPhone photographers tap the area of the photo they would like to put into focus.

The 3GS features a similar look to the current iPhone, complete with a sleek rectangular shape and a large touch screen.

Something else getting a lot of buzz was the Find My iPhone feature, which will be available only for customers of Mobile Me, an Apple service that lets users sync e-mail and other data between computers and iPhones.

If you lose your phone, Mobile Me will display a Google Map that shows where your iPhone is, as long as it's turned on. You can then send a message to the phone, and it will sound an alarm, alerting nearby people to save it for you. If you think you've lost the phone permanently, you can remotely wipe all your data; if you find your missing phone later, you can plug it into iTunes and restore all your data.

New Website:

You got laid off and now you're unemployed -- so are 14.5 million other people.

Several of Greg McGunagle's family and friends were among these laid-off workers. He started hearing horror stories about how they were let go and began to notice a trend: Few companies are good at executing layoffs.

"So many companies are just awful at [the actual execution of] the layoff.

Businesses are trying to survive, so there are also a lot of terrible stories surrounding severance and benefits," McGunagle says. "I thought people likely [had] a very difficult story to tell. Wouldn't it be great to create a forum for people to tell their layoff story?"

And so the idea of was born. The site joins the ranks of many other unemployment blogs as a place where people can go to cope with being jobless and share their woes with others in the same position.

"[It] gives people a place to vent and share their story about being laid off. It also lets people know that there are others out there going through the same thing [or] in some cases, much worse," McGunagle says.

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