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Today is Leap Second Day, when the official world clocks are pushed ahead one second. I hate it when they do that. It screws up my sleeping pattern

On this date in 1971: The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave 18 year old Americans the right to vote. One small step for democracy -- one giant leap for political candidates with cool hair.

On this date in 1892: It rained frogs in Birmingham, England. The frog shower was a complete surprise. The forecast called for cats and dogs.


Billy Mays
Mays' family is busy making funeral plans, they say he'll be buried as soon as they can dig him a grave with the Awesome Auger.

MJ – You knew it was going to happen.
The Internet rumors have started already. Bloggers are saying Michael Jackson is still alive -- he faked his death to avoid paying massive debts. Michael Jackson memorabilia is selling like crazy. Celebrity stuff is always worth more after the celebrity dies. I will get rich if I can figure out a way to do this show after I'm dead.

Michael Jackson:
A celebrity death usually means some folks will be making a lot of money. The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Julien's auction house thought a signed copy of a JACKSON 5album would bring in about 400-bucks. It sold for 33,750-dollars over the weekend. And, a painting MICHAEL JACKSON did as a child of Mickey Mouse and Pluto was valued at 1,000-dollars. It went for 25,000-bucks.

MICHAEL JACKSON's estate will be controlled by his sister, JANET. The New York Post says she has been named executor, which means she has a very tough and time consuming job ahead of her. Michael is said to have been in debt for as much as 500-million dollars. Janet was spotted Saturday at the rented house in Los Angeles where Michael died on Thursday. Movers were carrying his stuff out and putting the boxes into a number of trucks.

The Neverland Ranch, once the home of MICHAEL JACKSON will become a museum, much like ELVIS PRESLEY's Graceland. The New York Post says the huge property is being restored and is set to re-open as a place where fans can visit and pay their respects to the late entertainer. The San Jose Mercury News says JERMAINE, JACKIE and TITO JACKSON were at the ranch in Santa Barbara, California, on Saturday with investor THOMAS BARRACK who set up the joing venture that allowed Michael to keep the ranch which was headed into foreclosure. Michael bought the property in 1988 and turned it into his personal amusement park and zoo.

FARRAH FAWCETT's death may be overshadowed by the jarring news that MICHAEL JACKSON is no longer with us, but the stunningly beautiful star is still on the hearts and minds of Hollywood. CNN reports that Farrah's funeral service will be conducted tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The service will be private.

President Obama has already spent more money than any other
President in U.S. history. And if you think that's impressive --imagine what he could do with a few credit cards.

President Obama says he's 95% cured of smoking. See, "95% cured" proves Obama is not a typical"over the top" politician. A typical over-the-top politician would have said"I'm 99% cured".

The new Transformers movie is a huge hit.
Sources say that 65 General Motors cars were provided for the movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” General Motors said they will be providing even more of their cars for next one, “Transforms III: Revenge of the Lemons.”

"Transformers II" has made more than $145 million worldwide. It's on track to be the biggest box office opening of all time. It's incredible — somebody has finally found a way to make money using American cars.

Last month President Obama invited Iranian diplomats to attend 4th of July celebrations at the White House. He has now withdrawn the invitation. The Iranians are saying -- "Now what will we do with 200 tubs of camel salad we made for the party?"

Phone companies may stop printing directories. You'll have to look up the number using the Internet. That's a shame. I like to "personalize" my phone book by crossing out the names of all the people I don't know.

England is sweating through a heatwave, with temperatures in the 90s. That's very hot for Britain. How hot is it in London? Queen Elizabeth was seen wearing a crown with a built-in sprinkler.

NASA announced it will no longer service the Hubble Telescope.
They will let it disintegrate, break down and conk out. It's a plan they stole from the management of the KC Royals.

Yesterday a music industry executive predicted the CD will be totally dead within five years. Gee, maybe if they'd made them easier to open. (I have CDs I bought in 1998 I haven't been able to open yet)

An expert says North Korea and Iran are the two biggest threats to world peace. Which is the biggest threat of all? Nobody's sure. Hey -- maybe they should compete in a TV reality show called -- "Lesser of Two Evils".

Yesterday in New York: It was sentencing day for multi billion dollar fraudster Bernie Madoff. The judge said "You are hereby sentenced to rot in jail for the rest of your life with no possibility of parole. Have a nice day".

A parenting expert says turning off the computer is the biggest favor you can do for your kids. Hey kids, drag yourself away from the computer. Go outside. Take a look at the real world. The graphics are great!

A study shows two things bring back strong memories: Music and smells. So -- if the old song you're listening to stinks – I guess you feel extra nostalgic.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a report on shoplifting.
Last year in the U.S., shoplifters stole 37 (b) billion dollars in merchandise. And yet -- not one Jessica Simpson CD was stolen. Interesting.

Praying Nightly in the Oval Office
Each night for 24 years, Emma Daniel Gray would diligently clean the White House. When she came to the president's chair, she would pause, cleaning materials in hand, and say a quick prayer.

The prayers asked for blessings, wisdom and safety for each of the six presidents she served.

It's a "Backstairs at the White House" moment, a story that could have come from the 1979 Emmy Award-winning miniseries about the professional household staff to the presidential families. Like the characters in that television show, Mrs. Gray took great pride in her work, traveling each day by public transportation from her Northeast Washington home to the residence of one of the most powerful men in the world.

She worked nights, in the executive offices. Her official title was charwoman, from the time she started with the government in 1943 until her retirement in 1979. The first decade or so, she was assigned to what is now called the Government

Accountability Office and a handful of other agencies. In 1955, she was transferred to the White House "because of her working habits, because of her excellent work," said one of her daughters, Lillie Collins of Forestville. "It wasn't just her work, it was her character."

That nightly pause for prayer was in keeping with her habits of a lifetime.
A member of Holy Trinity Worship Center International in Washington, she "loved President Carter because she felt he prayed a lot," her daughter said, and she treasured a photograph of her shaking hands with him, as well as an autographed picture of her with Rosalynn Carter. President John F. Kennedy may have been her next favorite, because of the Christmas parties his administration threw for workers and their families, occasions that her children remember for Mrs. Gray's insistence that they dress up and behave properly.

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