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In an internet survey: The # 1 place for single people to meet other singles: The pet store. I guess it's very romantic--standing around discussing the correct way to worm a dog. Interesting. Where did you meet your significant someone

Frances Ray at 7:04am June 17
I was working at a dairy bar. I still like ice cream.

Karen Dye at 7:09am June 17
I met Brad at his wireless phone store when I went in to sell him advertising for my radio station. Best sales appointment I ever went on...I got the sale and the greatest husband on the planet!

Sherry Rhodes Carroll at 7:10am June 17
"Single Christian Network" moved from Ohio to Missouri
I love it here

Ann Cousins Mason at 7:15am June 17
I met my hubby at CCCB. I had actually came to see my boyfriend off. I was going to go to another college. But, I saw Dave and just knew he was the one. I can remember thinking how great of a dad he would be. I quickly enrolled at Central. Less than a year later we were hitched. 14 years and 7 kids later we are still as happy as ever. :)

Karen Dye at 7:17am June 17
Ann that is a great story!!!! :) Christie Stockton at 7:18am June 17
The grocery store. I visited there with my Aunt. Someone else was checking and he was bagging the groceries. He picked up the check for the groceries and put it in the bag instead of the checker putting in the register. He was watching me instead!

Eric Allison at 7:21am June 17
I had just moved to jeff city from sedalia and started working at ryans here in jeff city thats were i had met mine

Annie Chartrand at 7:22am June 17
Met mine on Yahoo personals. Tracy Hayworth Garrison at 7:23am June 17
I prayed and told God the kind of man I wanted to marry. I met my husband on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. When I saw him, I knew he was the man I was meant to marry. Six weeks later, we were engaged. We have been married over 24 years and more in love than ever. My husband is truly an answered prayer.

Cindy Lolley at 7:24am June 17
Worked with my husband at Cracker Barrel in Columbia. He was the cook and I was a hostess.

Rhonda Phillips at 7:38am June 17
Met my husband at Wal-Mart in the garden dept! He sold me my Christmas tree! See, you really can find everything at Wal-Mart!

Sandy Schmid at 7:38am June 17
I met my husband, Ken, at work at UMR (now MO S&T), where we worked in the same department.

Mary Stubbs Kinnamore at 7:39am June 17
I met Jon in the McDonalds parking lot in Rolla. :O) Our kids have heard this story so many times, they just roll their eyes everytime we pass there and bring it up again!

Jeff Wallace at 7:42am June 17
Friends from the church I attended in St. Louis introduced me to one of their cousins who lived in Rolla on Aug 27, 2002. Today, I am married to her, with two sons, and we live in Rolla.

Jessica Brown at 7:48am June 17
We met at my house. He was friends with my aunts boyfriend. I ignored him the first few times until my stepmom told me to date him. I only went out with him to get her off my back! Now I am stuck with him forever. LOL He is a great guy and very loving and devoted father. Ten years and loving it!

Cassie Mathis at 7:49am June 17
My husband was my neighbor! Had a crush on him for a long time before he ever noticed me! I love him so much I still have a crush on him!

Craig Gene Hart at 7:50am June 17
I met my wife at a rollerskating rink.I thought she had the biggest most beautiful brown eyes!35 years of marriage,6 children,13 granchildren(1 more on the way),and we both accepted Christ into our hearts in the last 2 years!Our God is so great!!!!

Cherryl Nash Jones at 7:58am June 17
met my husband in junior high school when he was trying to cozy up to my friend. we met again in high school and he and i became the best of friends. we started dating a few days before he joined the military. got engaged a year later and married in April of 79 before he went to Germany for the first time. we have been married for 30years, 3 children and 3 grandchildren. he is still my best friend.

Shawn Malaney at 8:16am June 17
the time that counted... we met on the internet

Karen Hance at 8:26am June 17
I met my husband at his church. I hadn't been going to church at that time. I was 14 and not really interested in him. He was too nice for me! Things change right? We've been married 9 and a half years and have two children! He was one of my best decisions ever!

Debe Mackley at 8:37am June 17
I met my husband of 37 years in kindergarten. Bea Bonebrake at 8:40am June 17
Dairy Queen in Rolla--Went to hang out with the youth after church on a Weds night--10 years ago!

Amie DeFord at 8:44am June 17
I met my husband in a Christian music chat room online. We'll be married 10 years in August and have 3 children.

Dawn Leuchtmann at 8:46am June 17
We met at a friends 4th of July BBQ and had an amazing day together with food, a lake and then fireworks in St. Louis! I always tell my kids that when I met their dad I saw shooting stars! They just roll their eyes.

Corby Cochenour at 10:04am June 17
my friends beauty shop!!!! Nicole Jackson at 10:23am June 17
Moved to Macomb to go to school. Got a job at Hardee's. He worked there too. I never moved back home.

Julie Young at 10:25am June 17
I loved reading all these! So sweet & mushy.
I met Fred when for some reason God kept prompting me and opening doors for me to leave my friends/family and move 8 hrs away to a new job in Ark...I couldnt figure out why! But I moved, started working in radio and met the most amazing dj :)

Dan Mayo at 10:46am June 17
I met Karen at at my best friends house. His girlfriend was best friends with my wife.

Jason Sullivan at 11:09am June 17
I met my wife at church while doing VBS the first time we met I had a pink hippo puppet named Hippopartymus on my hand she was dating one of my friends at the time but not for long I guess she liked the hippo. 10 years and 2 boys later we still love each other

Joann Hart at 11:15am June 17
So there is hope for us single girls, that there are still good guys out there for Husbands? .......many of these look like at least 10 years ago..... wonder if that is the cut off? :o)

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